grell is so awesome

Will... You ate my chocolate?
William T. Spears x Grell Sutcliff
Will... You ate my chocolate?

It’s the cutest Grelliam thing I’ve ever heard. I love this to DEATH! ♡

Grell cooked Valentine chocolate and William tasted them. Sutcliff was extremely happy because of that and embraced Will with all love~ ♡

Grell: Will… You ate my chocolate?

William: I just wanted to know how an idiot has lost his mind to commit crimes.

Grell: WILL!~ ♡

William: Get off!

Grell: Will, Will, Will! ♡

William: You’ll have to write an apology letter when we get back.

Grell: Okay, Will~ ♡

William: Let go of me!!

Grell: Touchy touchy! Touchy touchy! Touchy! ♡  

William: Where do you think you’re touching?!

Grell: Touchy! ♡ 

  • Jun Fukuyama as Grell Sutcliff
  • Noriaki Sugiyama as William T. Spears
  • Kuroshitsuji Red Valentine Seiyuu Event
  • Kuroshitsuji belongs to Yana Toboso
  • English translation was made by Reina Rei

I might get attacked for this but I don’t really care.  Both sides in the Grell debate need to chill the fuck out.  Just because someone calls Grell ‘he’ doesn’t mean you need to jump down their throat for using incorrect pronouns.  Just because someone calls Grell ‘she’ doesn’t mean you need to jump down their throat, either.  Both are technically correct.  So is referring to Grell as ‘they’ or ‘them’.  

It’s awesome if you feel like Grell is a media representation of whatever you personally identify as.  And yeah, Grell is!  That’s what makes Grell a compelling character.  No matter how you interpret Grell, personally, you can identify with Grell!  Because that’s how the character is written and for a culture that’s pretty hush-hush about LGBT in general, it’s impressive that such a character has become a staple of Kuroshitsuji.  I mean, Grell got to number 4 in the popularity poll!  That’s a huge accomplishment in and of itself.

The problem is when you start to identify *so closely* that only your opinion is accurate and you get aggressive towards other fans.  I mostly stay away from the topic because it’s so controversial, but guys and gals… just letting others be is usually the best course of action.  And I’ll tell you why:

Verbally attacking someone instantly raises their own verbal and moral defenses.  Yeah, this is a REALLY HARD CONCEPT for people on Tumblr, apparently.  The best practice though is to just say your piece and move on.  Don’t engage further.  Don’t start a flame war.  Because then you’re just dissolving into ‘I’m right and you’re not’ behavior, which doesn’t help anyone.  Believe me, letting someone stew over a reply without actually engaging them again is VERY EFFECTIVE in making them think about things and causing them to reflect.   Because all they’re left with is your one counter, which I guarantee you, they will obsess over.

…I actually can’t even remember where I was going with this.  LMAO this got so long but anyway, I hope someone takes something away from it.

Edit– OKAY, I REMEMBERED… No matter whether you see Grell as a transwoman, non-binary or a flamboyant gay man… ALL of these groups are still marginalized in most societies.  So we should really be coming together as one unified group instead of picking at each other over the details.