grell in a dress

It was the middle of the night. Grell was dressed in a soft, red, silk nightgown, comfortable knickers, and a pair of rainboots. It was raining outside, after all, and that was where she was.

She walked with a blanket over her head as she made her way to Undertaker’s shop. It was a bit after midnight, so she doubted he would answer the door, if she even woke him whilst knocking, so decided to do a bit of breaking and entering.

She groaned as she had to lower the blanket to pick the lock with a bobby pin she pulled from her loose bun. She got in quickly and shut the door quietly.

The small, red reaper then removed her white boots and padded in her oversized stockings to the older man’s room. Then, she crawled, soaking wet, into his bed.

William Dress Up Doll

There needs to be a dress up doll for William that comes with a suit. If you take the suit off, you would find another suit underneath. Under that – another suit, and another suit under that. If you keep trying, you’d finally get to a suit with a letter pinned to the front saying, “Enough already, Sutcliff. Get back to work.”


Grell starts out as a lowly brunette butler who isn’t allowed to dress up or wear makeup, forced to wait upon evil stepsisters Lizzy and Ciel (who gets to wear pretty dresses even tho he doesn’t want to) and evil stepmother Angelina who claims the color red as hers and hers alone to wear. 

 Also starring: Undertaker, the crackpot fairy godmother who transforms Grell into a beautiful crimson maiden for the ball in exchange for a single joke. And William, the prince who searches far and wide for the beauty he danced with, the one whose foot will fit the scarlet stiletto heel left behind that magical night.

randomcartoonbro  asked:

In the Kuroshitsuji manga, it is actually heavily implied (maybe even directly stated. It's been a while) that every shinigami committed suicide to become who they are now. Well, they didn't intend on this fate, but you get what I mean

Yeah that’s what I thought!! And Yana likes to keep things historically accurate in Black Butler so it would make sense for her transgender character (which I wonder if Grell’s ‘employment’ keeps her from dressing as she wants?) to end up committing suicide in such a time where being anything than a cisgender heterosexual had serious, serious consequences. Yana is not afraid to approach any dark topic and gives all of her characters thorough backgrounds no matter how minor the character is.


Fashion-Grell! ^-^ 

I got inspiration from a fashion catalogue. I saw the dresses and stuff in there, Alice in Wonderland-like, and immediately wanted to draw them c: …So naturally our lovely Grell had to try them on ! övö 

Maybe I’ll draw more of those, I don’t know, they’re fun ^-^

I hope you like them! 

Short Grell headcanon: When Grell’s around others, she’s always putting on a bit if a show to the point that even her normal outfit is like a costume. When she’s home alone, gone are the high heels, tight pants, and purloined coat. Grell dresses to relax with old pajamas or a loose nightshirt. The long hair is pulled back, perhaps in a braid, and the makeup is scrubbed clean. Although she has a talent for innuendos even when there’s no audience, Grell is quieter when alone. She often enjoys reading.

Closed RP with williamtshakespears

The window was foggy from the cold outside meeting the heat radiating inside her little shop. Grell Sutcliffe was in her bedroom, a room in the two room flat above her seamstressing shop in London. Though one could hardly call it London, on the edge of the city more towards the country, a poorer part of town where nobles still passed through. It wasn’t the slums, but it wasn’t the queens castle. Everyone here got by fairly well.

Grell thought she made a pretty decent living, tailoring and creating dresses and suits for nobles, nobody too high on the scale of import, just those in the higher class who needed clothes to wear to galas and balls, or for everyday. She made whatever she was capable of making from their requests. She did alright at first, but came into luck when a Lady related tk a current Earl amd favorite of the queen fell in love with the way she designed red dresses. She toom her up immediately, and sith the money she made from Madame red she added a small flat above her shop instead of sleeping in the back.

Business was wonderful this time of year , as people needed new clothes for Christmas parties and adding fur linings and coats to current outfits. She had a busy day tomorrow, but couldn’t wait for a day off. She laid in bed with her book for now, her hair piled on top of her hair in pins.