grell in a dress

I think that William would be super nervous on his and Grell's first date

and it would be really cute bc he wouldn’t want to show it but he’d be like really afraid to mess up even though that’s kind of funny considering 1) he interacts with Sutcliff all the time and normally couldn’t care less and 2) Will could do anything and Grell would think he was the best thing since sliced bread lol but he still gets nervous especially when he sees how Grell got dressed all pretty for the date he gets like weirdly shy like its the first time they’re meeting and Grell is oblivious to his nervousness, actually Grell probably thought this day would never come and is in a half-catatonic state of shock the entire night which makes William worry inwardly like “did I say something wrong” bc Grell is unnaturally silent but actually Grell is just trying not to pass out I’m rambling now but this is all canon ok

If the reapers had tumblr blogs

Undertaker — Gore. Lots of gore and skeletons. Also tips for preserving bodies. He also reblogs “Spooky Scary Skeletons” anytime of year. Body horror and cookie recipes.
Alan — Cute animals and pretty things in nature. Yummy recipes. Positivity posts. He made the masterlist for the language of flowers. There’s a very rare nsfw text post because Eric tagged him in.
Eric— BDSM. Naked people. Cigarette aesthetic pictures. Alcohol aesthetic. Personal sex stories that get lots of notes. Posts bashing Ireland.
William — Black and white. Book reviews. Vintage. Nothing too elaborate looking though. The occasional book quote. He hasn’t figured out how to answer asks privately so there’s nsfw asks from Ronald.
Ronald — Reblogs Eric’s sex stories. Cute mice. Beer pictures. Movie/tv stuff. Half-naked people. Occasional gore. Lots of bland personal posts (“today i took a longer lunch break than usual.” “There’s a party tonight”).
Grell — Red. Red everything, especially dresses and shoes. Lots of hearts and tea cups. There’s an occasional gore post because she loves blood. She also talks about ways to be supportive to trans people. An occasional personal post about being a trans woman

anonymous asked:

If Sebastian, Grell, and the undertaker were to come from their Victorian Era into our modern time era, Would anything be so shocking to their modesty, that it would cause them to blush in embarrassment?

Hmm, those three aren’t really known for their modesty, are they? XD I think Sebastian wouldn’t care about that but he would be fascinated with how technology has developed.

And then he would discover cat videos and feel like he’s in paradise. XD

Undertaker might not even be that surprised about how things would be now. He has lived for a long time around humans and I guess he experienced many changes in mankind throughout his long life. He seems to know humans well so he might expect how things would have developed. Also, the shinigamis seem to already have some advanced technology and knowledge about the future and as a shinigami himself Undertaker may have access to knowledge about some future changes, as well.

So in our time, UT may try to use some of our technology for his experiments with Bizarre Dolls. Also, I could see him finding some things extremely funny.

Like UT Grell may also have some knowledge about future development. However, as seen in the current arc with Othello, Grell isn’t very interested in technological advance. Maybe Grell would like the more open society nowadays but prefer how people were dressed back in Victorian times? And Grell would buy lots of Sebastian and William plushies. XD