Dear Juliet,

So since im bored lol i figured i’d write a big paragraph about how much i love you. Like seriously, i can’t live without you. I think about you every second that were not talking. I love everything about you, your weirdness, your awkwardness, your corny messages c: everything about you makes me smile. It seriously breaks my heart knowing all that you’ve been through. But it makes me smile to know that all of those horrible things you’ve been through, Made you such a beautiful human being. All of your trails and tribulations made you who you are today. I don’t deserve someone like you, you’re such a sweetheart. c: When you got into that car accident, i literally thought i might pass out. If anything would have happen to you i seriously wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Im so bad at explaining feelings lol. 

I L o v e  y o u - Greg c: