Greg's Pudding Face

The episode of Masterchef: The Professionals last night may be one of the greatest things I’ve ever watched in my life. The build up music has increased the intensity this series massively, so much so that I find myself shouting at my laptop screen comments like “GO ON OLLY” which I haven’t done since I stopped tuning in to Deal or No Deal. Greg Wallace’s giggle when he tastes something spectacular gets increasingly exaggerated as the competition gets further towards the final, and Michel Roux Jnr has got the facial expression for worried excitement down to a tee.

In the skills tests, Monica Galetti has been on top form, never holding back her disgust as a chef, who clearly has never seen a pigeon in the kitchen in his life, hacks at the feathery carcass in a desperate attempt to please her. I can’t handle the intensity of the tasks sometimes. It’s no wonder that people crack under the intense gazes of the judges, who watch their every move like hungry vultures. All they can hope is that in the next round they produce an outstanding dessert to make Greg’s day and hear the heavenly words from his mouth “Ahh mate.”

The real anxiety last night set in during the last 5 minutes when only one of the young chefs could be put through to the final. It was like watching a film, with Greg’s lip wobble, the tears from the young girl chef who’d only finished college 3 weeks before applying to the show, and the stern but caring look in Michel’s eyes. How could they choose between these two young geniuses? It seemed impossible to separate them! This was clear from the sofa discussion on the sofa where Greg and Michel weigh up the pros and cons of the contestants. Who would they choose? It was anyone’s guess.

I don’t think anyone expected what was to happen next. I was on the edge of my seat with probably every other Masterchef fan in the country as we awaited the fate of the lad and lass who had cooked their little hearts out. Then Greg delivered the news. His lip quivered. They’re both through to the final! Who would have thought it! The rules were broken! The foundations of the Masterchef competition crumbled around them thanks to these two young talents. I nearly cried.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying I can’t wait for next week. The final! Monica is back and looking fierce. Their most intense cooking is in front of them, and I can’t bloody wait. The emotional roller-coaster that is delivered by this cooking show honestly is one of the best things about my week. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Viewing doesn’t get better than this! 


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#masterchef #masterchefjack #jackchef #jacklucas #masterchefping #masterchefluke #johntorode #gregwallace #masterchef2014 #pingcoombes #lukeowen Is a bit late, but absolutely loved the Final of Masterchef this year. Really tough to call. I wished for Jack Lucas to win, but Ping was fantastic and so creative :) Can’t wait to see what they all get up to next. Also on a completely selfish and unrelated not, Jack is damn hot! ;)


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