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0:00 - Talk about love - Pat Kelly
2:42 - Stick by me - John Holt
6:00 - Rascal Man - Delroy Wilson
9:30 - How long will it take - Pat Kelly
12:41 - Better must come - Delroy wilson
15:26 - Keep it up - John Holt
18:03 - Tracks of life - Dennis brown
21:33 - Ghetto girl - Jonhn holt
24:28 - Give me your love - Alton Ellis
26:20 - Soulful love - Pat kelly
29:44 - Lets Get It while its hot - John Holt
33:10 - I am the conquerer - Dennis Brown
35:23 - Blood son - Dennis brown
38:44 - My time - Gregory Isaacs
42:49 - Baby I need your loving - Delroy Wilson
45:23 - The prophet - Pat kelly
48:27 - Up Park Camp - John Holt
51:40 - Soul Groover - Alton Ellis
53:47 - Im still in love with you - Alton Ellis
58:16 - Westbound Train - Dennis Brown
1:01:19 - Cassandra - Dennis Brown
1:04:21 - I Wish It would rain - Pat Kelly
1:07:07 - Musical Heatwave - Dennis Brown

Stranger In Town
Gregory Isaacs
Stranger In Town

Gregory Isaacs // Stranger In Town

Do I’m just a stranger in your town
Once in a while I pop around

Let’s be friends
Friends that never end
I’m just a stranger
So let’s be friends
You see me around, yeah
‘Cause I wanna love ya
Yes I wanna love ya, whoay
Just stranger in your town
I’ll be around
'Cause I wanna love ya..”

Poor Millionaire
Gregory Isaacs
Poor Millionaire

Song of the day:

Poor Millionaire by Gregory Isaacs

Ain’t got a penny in my pocket but I feel like a millionaire

I feel so fine, now that my woman is near

Maybe we won’t find it easy, but stil I’ll take good care

Cause’ Jah never ever ever give a man more than he can bare

This one is Priceless, The Cool Ruler had a way with words..

Hush Darling
Gregory Isaacs
Hush Darling

We gonna lay it on
bright and early cause the heat is on
and I know that you are ready
let us lay it on
now that we are moving in the groove

And mi seh Hush darling 
even if it hurts to cry
Hush darling
cause I’m a gonna tell you why
Hush darling
cause after a storm
there must be a calm
and I will keep you warm
Darling, ummmmm, darling…

You are never fully moved in until you unpack the books. How I missed my library.

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Listen darling

♪♫ Now who’s gonna hold and squeeze me tight
Now that she’s gone out of my life
Who’s gonna make me feel the way she used to do, yeah
Now that my love is overdue
Now that my love is overdue

I’m all alone in the wilderness
Searching to find some peace and rest
Although she wasn’t the best girl
But she brought happiness into my world
And now I’m a prisoner of loneliness
Said I’m a prisoner of loneliness…. ♪♫