Stranger In Town
Gregory Isaacs
Stranger In Town

Gregory Isaacs // Stranger In Town

Do I’m just a stranger in your town
Once in a while I pop around

Let’s be friends
Friends that never end
I’m just a stranger
So let’s be friends
You see me around, yeah
‘Cause I wanna love ya
Yes I wanna love ya, whoay
Just stranger in your town
I’ll be around
'Cause I wanna love ya..”


Jamaican Superstars, Trojan Records, Various Artists…

0:00 - Talk about love - Pat Kelly
2:42 - Stick by me - John Holt
6:00 - Rascal Man - Delroy Wilson
9:30 - How long will it take - Pat Kelly
12:41 - Better must come - Delroy wilson
15:26 - Keep it up - John Holt
18:03 - Tracks of life - Dennis brown
21:33 - Ghetto girl - Jonhn holt
24:28 - Give me your love - Alton Ellis
26:20 - Soulful love - Pat kelly
29:44 - Lets Get It while its hot - John Holt
33:10 - I am the conquerer - Dennis Brown
35:23 - Blood son - Dennis brown
38:44 - My time - Gregory Isaacs
42:49 - Baby I need your loving - Delroy Wilson
45:23 - The prophet - Pat kelly
48:27 - Up Park Camp - John Holt
51:40 - Soul Groover - Alton Ellis
53:47 - Im still in love with you - Alton Ellis
58:16 - Westbound Train - Dennis Brown
1:01:19 - Cassandra - Dennis Brown
1:04:21 - I Wish It would rain - Pat Kelly
1:07:07 - Musical Heatwave - Dennis Brown

Poor Millionaire
Gregory Isaacs
Poor Millionaire

Song of the day:

Poor Millionaire by Gregory Isaacs

Ain’t got a penny in my pocket but I feel like a millionaire

I feel so fine, now that my woman is near

Maybe we won’t find it easy, but stil I’ll take good care

Cause’ Jah never ever ever give a man more than he can bare

This one is Priceless, The Cool Ruler had a way with words..

Night Nurse
Gregory Isaacs

You are never fully moved in until you unpack the books. How I missed my library.