If I Don't Have You
  • If I Don't Have You
  • Gregory Isaacs
  • A Love I Can Feel

Gregory Isaacs // If I Don’t Have You (1981)

This song fills me with love.

“I may stay away for a night or two
But all full of respect unto you, it’s still new
Though staying away make you feel mad, it make you feel blue
But it’s not that I really mean to embarrass you, ‘cause darling
If I don’t, if I don’t have you..”

Gregory Isaacs, 1977 by Dave Hendley

“Probably the most pictures I ever took of anyone, in one of those brief encounters where you take pictures for three or four minutes, was Gregory Isaacs. It took me a month to pluck up the courage to photograph him. He had a bad reputation—he was a very sweet singer, but he was also an out-and-out hoodlum. I think it was a Saturday morning, and we were flying out that night, and I thought, ‘I’ve got to get a picture of Gregory Isaacs.’ He was my favorite singer at the time. I saw him down on the North Parade, I said “Gregory, can I take your picture.” He just dropped into a crouched position, he was wearing these very heavy shades, and he just looked completely menacing. I did eight frames, four frames with the glasses off, four with the glasses on—quite nervous, hands shaking.”

Poor Millionaire
  • Poor Millionaire
  • Gregory Isaacs
  • Once Ago

Song of the day:

Poor Millionaire by Gregory Isaacs

Ain’t got a penny in my pocket but I feel like a millionaire

I feel so fine, now that my woman is near

Maybe we won’t find it easy, but stil I’ll take good care

Cause’ Jah never ever ever give a man more than he can bare

This one is Priceless, The Cool Ruler had a way with words..

Stranger In Town
  • Stranger In Town
  • Gregory Isaacs
  • Night Nurse

Gregory Isaacs // Stranger In Town

Do I’m just a stranger in your town
Once in a while I pop around

Let’s be friends
Friends that never end
I’m just a stranger
So let’s be friends
You see me around, yeah
‘Cause I wanna love ya
Yes I wanna love ya, whoay
Just stranger in your town
I’ll be around
'Cause I wanna love ya..”