Been a while since I did something based on a vine. And since I got better from a sudden headache (and maybe fever), might as well draw something from that vine I saw recently. 

But there’s school tomorrow, plus I’m lazy, so I apologize if it’s rather short right now. XDDD

KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE AU: After Miles gets in big trouble he unknowingly phones the Kingsman secret service to help him. Gregory Edgeworth needs to find a suitable replacement for his murdered colleague and gives Miles the chance to become an agent. He accepts, only to give his younger stepsister Franziska and himself a better life and to escape his abusive stepfather Mafred Von Karma.

KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE was such a good film! Colin Firth reminded me of Gregory a lot so I just had to draw an AU/crossover. I’m pretty sure I’m developing a crush ❤❤❤ 

(Click on the picture for the full-size, it’s a lot prettier!)