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He couldn’t do it himself. He was… the disease had progressed too far. He was flailing. He didn’t have any control over his own body. He pretty much lost control of his mind too, but… every once in a while, he would have a few seconds of lucidity. He turned to me, and he said, “it’s time.” I hooked up the I.V. I used gloves. I knew they’d get me on the drugs, but they couldn’t prove who pushed the plunger. I put in the needle, and he just got quiet.


Wilson: I was at the hotel bar trying to unwind, have a drink. There was this guy who kept playing Billy Joel’s “Leave a Tender Moment Alone” on the jukebox.

“Leave a Tender Moment” is a good song.

House: It’s a great song. He was out of line.

Not as good as “Scenes from an Italian restaurant” or…

Wilson: So I — I asked the man to stop, politely.

House: Yeah, you yelled politely.

Wilson: I was polite the first couple of times, but courtesy made no impression on this ass. So I threw a bottle into the mirror, which successfully conveyed my message.

House: And smashed a ten-foot antique mirror. And set an example to two other patrons who threw shot glasses.

Wilson: I had nothing to do with that fight. The assault charge was totally bogus. And I paid for the mirror.

Kiss Me

Hey guys! Welp, Anon, I hope this is kinda what you were looking for because I’m actually pretty proud of this. I got a little more carried away than originally intended, but whatever. I hope you enjoy this! 

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Requested: Yes

Anonymous Requested: can I request and imagine set during ootp where reader is in the halls after hours or something and she runs into Draco and he’s going to take her to unbridge but she’s like no Draco please I’ll do anything and you can decide if it’s just a couple of kisses or proper smut 

Warnings: Swearing, some smut 

You poked your head out of the Room of Requirement, checking to see if anyone was watching as you made your exit. Seeing no one, you began to walk down the corridor as though you hadn’t been basically training to go to war. It was late, probably hours after curfew. If anyone caught you in the hall about now, you’d be dead meat. No sooner did the thought cross your mind then you heard foot steps. 

“Shit,” You whispered, taking off down to corridor. 

The footsteps followed you as you made a break for your common room. You took odd twists and turns to avoid whoever was chasing you, sending you the long way. It was so close. Just one more corner and you were home free. As you rounded the a corner, you smacked into something. Someone. 

“Forget how to tell time, (L/N)?” Of course you’d run into Draco Malfoy. 

“Fuck,” You muttered, breathlessly. 

“I’ll be sure to think of you when I get my reward from Professor Umbridge,” He said, smirking. You looked just behind him at the entrance to your common room. So close, yet so far. 

“You wouldn’t,” You said. He hauled you off the ground. 

“We both know that I will,” He said, nastily. Your mind screamed for a way out. The last thing you wanted to do was face her. 

“Don’t, Malfoy,” You snapped. He laughed and began to pull you towards her office. 

“You don’t have the power to stop me,” He said. You began to panic. You couldn’t go to Umbridge. She’d force you to tell her about what Harry was doing and you didn’t want to betray your friend. 

Planting your feet, you jerked yourself backwards. Draco stopped dead as you did and turned slowly to look at you. You turned your face up to his, allowing your desperate eyes to make contact with his steely ones. The only thoughts running through your mind were ones of staying out of her office. He glared, a stony look on his sharp features. You grasped his hand. 

“Please don’t turn me in,” You begged. He smirked. 

“Why shouldn’t I?” He asked, tipping his eyebrow in a way that made you think he was interested in your answer. When you didn’t give him one, he began to pull you again. 

“Please, don’t, please,” You urged. 

“Keep in mind that I don’t like you, (L/N),” He replied, cruely. 

“Come on, Malfoy, I know you don’t, but you know what she’ll do to me!” You cried. His smile was unnerving as he glanced over his shoulder at you. 

“I’ll enjoy every second of it,” He said. You yanked yourself backwards again, forcing him to stop. 

“Please, Malfoy, I’ll do anything,” You pleaded. The grip on your wrist became looser as the word anything passed your lips. He swallowed, thickly. 

“Anything?” He asked, quietly. Nodding, you watched him carefully.

“Anything,” You confirmed, “As long as you don’t turn me in.” His expression remained carefully neutral as his hand readjusted itself on your wrist. It wasn’t as tight as it had been. Slowly, he began to nod and pulled you into the nearest free room. As soon as the door closed, he released your wrist. You weren’t sure what the room was, but it was about classroom sized and empty. Fear began to build in your chest. 

“Kiss me,” He said, evenly. You blinked in surprise. 

“Say again?” His eyes closed and his brows furrowed as though he were in physical pain. 

“Kiss me,” He repeated, clenching and unclenching his fists. 


You took a step closer to him, leaning closer to him than you’d ever been before (excluding the time you punched him for calling Hermione a mudblood). Up close he was actually kinda handsome. His eyes were still screwed shut, like opening them would make this real. You took note of the deep, slightly uneven breaths he took. If you had to guess, your breathing sounded that way too. 

“Merlin’s beard, (L/N), kiss me!” He snapped. 

Jolting forward, you pressed your lips to his. They were warm and soft, not slightly chapped from being bitten constantly like your own. The kiss was just an awkward collision of lips, but something exploded in your mind. Fireworks. You pulled back, eyes wide to find a pair of equally terrified ones. Draco had felt it too. You took two steps back, but didn’t leave the room. You were sure you could have, sure that he’d let you go. It took you a moment to realize, but you were both shaking. 

“I’m going to–” 

“Do it again,” He demanded. There was no power behind his voice. 

“I don’t think-” You took another step back. 

“Do. It. Again,” He said, saying each word clearly. His eyes were wild; wild in a way that told you he was afraid. 

“Look–” Even though he took a step away from you, he cut you off again. 

“Do I have to tell you everything three bloody times? Do it again!” He snapped. Cautiously, you moved closer to him until your chest touched his and your faces were merely inches apart. 

More slowly this time, you pushed your faces close, just brushing your lips over his. He didn’t move away, but he didn’t move into you either. Your hands moved up to cup his face as you kissed him a little harder. Fireworks went off behind your eyelids once more and, judging by the sharp intake of breath, it was happening to him too. Eventually, almost shyly, Draco placed his hands on your hips. Just like his lips, they were pleasantly warm against you. Then he began to kiss you back with fervor. 

Nothing about what was happening should have made you feel so right, but it did. Oh did it feel right. Before you knew what was happening, you’d backed him up against a wall as you unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off his shoulders. Draco’s hands had wandered up inside your shirt; his fingers burning their way up the skin of your back, leaving blazing trails in their wake. Your own hands moved up and down his torso, feeling a trail of goosebumps rise wherever you touched. You pulled your lips away from his to take a look. Somehow, you’d always imagined him more impressive shirtless, not that you were disappointed.

You drank in the sight in front of you. Smooth, pale skin stood out in stark contrast to the darkness that surrounded the two of you. The only color to him resided in his cheeks as he furiously blushed and his lips. His lips were somewhat red and swollen and it occurred to you that you had no idea how long you’d been kissing. You didn’t care. All you knew was that you wanted to admire what was in front of you for as long as you were able. Panting, you began to kiss your way down his neck, leaving small bruises as you went. Draco only pulled you closer to him, like he couldn’t get enough of the feeling of your skin on his. You understood the feeling.

“(L/N), fuck, (Y/N),” He panted. You froze at the sound of your first name. It sounded erotic coming from his lips. You nearly moaned. 

“Jesus,” You breathed. He pulled you back to his lips, kissing you like he’d never stop. And you were okay with that. One on his hands slipped under your bra; his thumb rubbing over your nipple. 

“Draco,” You moaned against his lips. 

“Say it again,” He said, removing your bra and flicking his thumb over your nipple again. 

“Draco.” He bit hit his lip, closing his eyes as though your voice were as good as your touch. 

“Again.” You let you head fall back, nails digging into his biceps, as he replaced his thumb with his mouth. 

“Draco,” You moaned, softly.

“God you sound pretty when you moan my name, (Y/N),” He mumbled, voice muffled by your chest. Even with the mood the way it was, you found yourself smirking. 

“Don’t I sound pretty all the time?” You teased. His head came level with yours again and he mirrored your expression. His eyes were still wild, still wild like he was afraid of something. 

“Always,” He chuckled. 

“Ya know, I’m beginning to think,” You said as he bit your neck lightly. You let out a squeaking moan. “That you don’t dislike me as much as you say.” His head came up again. 

“How clever of you,” He responded, sarcastically. You glared lightly, snaking a hand down between you to rub him through his pants. It was his turn to squeak. Obviously, you had surprised him. 

You didn’t get to go much past there before loud, thumping footsteps came close to the door. You’d barely had the time to get your bra on before Goyle threw the door open. He was panting like a dog and sweaty. Without thinking, you drew your wand and pointed it at him. 

“Tell a single soul about this and I’ll hex you into next week,” You growled, fierceness in your voice. He looked at Draco who simply shrugged. 

“You heard the lady. Now get out,” He snapped. Goyle backtracked instantly and disappeared from sight. Sighing, you pulled your shirt back on and looked at him again. 

“I should probably go. The next person to come in here might be a little harder to keep quiet,” You said. He nodded, pulling his shirt on as well. 

“True,” He sighed, leading you out of the room and back towards the (House) common room. You stopped just outside and turned to him.

“Thanks for not turning me in,” You said. He straightened himself out a little more and he nodded.

“You might not be so lucky next time, (Y/N),” He retorted. You smiled up at him, pressing a kiss to his, still slightly red, cheek. 

“Goodnight, Draco,” You said, slipping into your common room without waiting for a response. 

Draco's Sufferings
  • Draco: (drawls) Potty and the Weasel, the boy who lives on sympathy and his snotty blood-traitor friend!
  • Pansy: Ha ha, nice one Draco.
  • Draco: (smirks) And that mudblood that comes trailing along after them...
  • Crabbe: woohoo!
  • Draco: a lowly servant!
  • Goyle: yeah!
  • Draco: As if they are the only people in her world!
  • Pansy: ...
  • Draco: (angrily) I don't know what she sees in those idiots!
  • Crabbe: ...
  • Draco: I am so much better than them!
  • Goyle: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Pansy: ...
  • Draco: I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?