gregory wood

Classic Hollywood, The Love of My Life

It may be completely beside the point whether William Shakespeare was ‘gay’ or 'queer’ or a 'homosexual’ or a 'sodomite’; or if he and the male addressee of his sonnets were 'just good friends’; or even if no such friend ever existed and the sonnets in question were - as so many heterosexually identified critics has claimed - mere poetic exercises, common to their time. All of this is irrelevant if any of the sonnets are amenable to being read by a gay reader as if they were 'gay poems’. If they work as if they were, they are.
—  Gregory Woods, A History of Gay Literature

Two playlists for the two parts of WTIHK; Both are roughly chronological tellings; the first, from the days in the attic to the long years the followed, about a lonely boy and the child he loved; the second, from adoption through reunion, about a mentally ill trans boy and the people who loved him. 

W I L D  T I G E R S  I  H A V E  K N O W N:

  • the mute // radical face
  • fleurs captives // nicole dollanganger
  • dark days // punch brothers
  • a century is all we need // gregory and the hawk
  • the woods // daughter
  • switzerland // the last bison
  • always gold // radical face
  • patient love // catherine rhodes (passenger)
  • voice like a bell // gregory and the hawk
  • atlas hands // benjamin francis leftwich
  • trees and birds and fire // i am oak
  • the light behind your eyes // my chemical romance
  • crash land // twin atlantic
  • you’ve haunted me all my life // death cab for cutie
  • wild tigers i have known // emily jane white

H O W  A  G O D  C O U L D  K N O W  M Y  F I R S T  N A M E:

  • the sea is a good place to think of the future // los campesinos!
  • pretty little head // eliza rickman
  • like o like h // tegan and sara
  • a better son/daughter // rilo kiley
  • omg // mansions
  • im still here // john rzeznik
  • lost boy // ruth b
  • be brave // my brightest diamond
  • dog physics // plaid dragon
  • the fear // ben howard
  • pretty boy // young galaxy
  • happy // marina and the diamonds
  • the match // the eastern sea
  • monument // mirah
  • we’ll make it someday // vocal few
  • tonight // lykke li
  • still feeling the waves when you go to bed // lullatones