gregory wood

Into the Unknown (Music Box)
Original: Cartoon Network, Edit: wan4life
Into the Unknown (Music Box)

Into the Unknown from Over the Garden Wall

Led through the mist,
By the milk-light of moon,
All that was lost, is revealed.
Our long bygone burdens, mere echoes of the spring,
But where have we come, and where shall we end?
If dreams can’t come true, then why not pretend?

Oh how the gentle wind,
Beckons through the leaves,
As autumn colors fall…
Dancing in a swirl of golden memories,
The loveliest lies of all.

how many times do y'all have to be told not to steal Greg’s photos. they’re his work, his product, his service and you don’t have the right to post them if you’ve seen them UNLESS he’s put them out into the public himself. it’s hurting his business to steal them and y'all need to stop. it’s just the same as reposting art and edits except worse because he fucking makes money off of this.