gregory sanders

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Gregory Sanders [ENFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Greg’s primary skill as a detective is his ability to make connections. He has lots of ideas about cases, but usually doesn’t pursue any definite ones. He’s better at speculating about possibilities in cases than on homing in on one in particular. He believes in the psychic, he goes along with many of Grissom’s zany Ne schemes, and often lives in the moment. When he’s a lab tech he longs for a world of greater possibilities outside of his DNA lab. He makes connections in conversation very quickly. His point of view in “Rashomama” draws on Raymond Chandler-style similies and poetic imaginings, showing him taking on the imaginary world of the classic film noir private eye - possibly a mindset he’s trying out for the moment.

Introverted  Feeling (Fi): Greg deals with his emotions internally. He doesn’t speak often about what he feels, instead choosing to act on it. He’s most active when motivated by close personal ties, first demonstrating his true tenacity in an attempt to impress Sara, a girl he has a crush on, in the episode ‘Organ Grinder’. Greg struggles a lot with the idea that he could have done something wrong, with his own internal horror at the crimes that he sees people committing on a daily basis in his job, and with the idea of any of his friends skirting moral boundary.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Greg has his own organizational system when he works in the lab - a place for everything, even if that place looks like chaos to the untrained eye.  He’s driven to be more ambitious, take action, and do well in the field. He’s fairly logical as a detective, trying to analyze the nuts and bolts of a case.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Greg usually slips up on the details. He’s not that great at keeping track of rules and regulations; he fails his first proficiency because he used the bathroom in the crime scene. He nearly fails his final proficiency by missing a tiny detail on a form. Greg doesn’t like to talk about details, and he doesn’t often dwell on the past. After his traumatic physical assault in Season 7, he responds by avoiding talking about it or dealing with it, instead just wanting to move on. He does show a stronger inclination towards tradition and nostalgia than Ni’s like Sara and Nick.