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Super badass Boba Fett military style redesign by Gregory Vlasenko. I especially love all the little details and call-backs to the series, a little bit of everything, marvelous!

793 Days until Episode IX

430 Days until the Han Solo Movie









What's the term for a reverse-pedophile??

It really sucks when you’re infatuated with a celeb much older than you, cuz you can’t even watch a movie they’re in with your friends without getting gooey feelings that no one understands. so you just watch your friends giggle over Zac Efron while you watch from your sad, lonely, Alan Rickman fan corner.

He’s almost 70 & I’d still let him do horrible things to me.

What’s the term for a reverse-pedophiles?

Cuz I legit only like men easily old enough to be my father…


The Road to Glory (1936 / 20th Centur-Fox) (Sweden) by KlaatuCarpenter

The poster illustration is by Eric Rohman.


Before highlighting the amazing art featured in today’s post, I must talk a bit about the delay in getting the first official trailer for The Last Jedi. For comparison, last year, we got the first full length trailer (not teaser) for Rogue One on August 11th. We then got the 2nd full length trailer on October 13th. 

Now, some argue that this is comparing apples to oranges, Rogue One isn’t a saga film like The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Ok, let’s then look at TFA. It was the first new saga film in 30 years [edit: in 10 years technically, but somehow I forgot about the prequels… strange], and had a completely different release schedule for its teasers and trailer (that’s right, singular). The first teaser released over a year before the film on November 28th 2014 over the Thanksgiving weekend. Then a 2nd teaser was released April 14th 2015 (almost the same date as the first Rogue One teaser a year later). But we didn’t get the one and only full length trailer for TFA until October 19th 2015. 

So, it’s kinda looking like we will only get one full length trailer for The Last Jedi at this point, potentially some time in October. And while there have certainly been numerous reveals through the behind the scenes featurette and from the toys on Force Friday, nothing compares to actual visuals from the movie in the form of a trailer. You’d expect it to be released so that it’s in front of a Disney release, but the next major one is Thor: Ragnarok and that doesn’t open until November 3rd, so they BETTER NOT make us wait that long!!! Perhaps we’ll see it before Blade Runner 2049 on October 6th? Whatever the plan, I’m getting impatient…  in a good way;)

…and don’t get me started on the Han Solo teaser…  ugh!

The artwork is by the spectacular Gregory Titus, and looks familiar because I’ve featured him before AND he does the Hasbro Black Series packaging artwork. Just amazing!!!

826 Days until Episode IX

252 Days until the Han Solo Movie