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Our Alois keeps getting their account deleted (it’s happened 3 times in the past week), so everyone’s trying to have good humor about it. Much to Alois’ dismay. 

The picture used in the last post was actually drawn by our Aleister. This is their blog! X


Updated on JULY 24 2016

Asks including more than 2 characters:

Cuddling with their S/o - Sebastian, William, Snake, Ciel, Claude, Soma

Most to least likely to enjoy cards against humanity

Most to least likely to be yandere

Would the characters want a dominate or submissive S/o

Their S/o is in the hospital due to not eating - Sebastian, Ciel, Alois, Claude, Undertaker, Joker

Caring for an emotionally unstable S/o - Alois, Ciel, Claude, Sebastian

Bad pick up lines (Admin Elizabeth version)

Bad pick up lines (Admin Hailey version) 

Their reaction to a witch/warlock S/o - Claude, Sebastian, Angi

Who says I love you first them or their S/o - Ciel, Sebastian, Elizebeth, Joker, Doll, Snake, Dagger, Beast, Drocell, Undertaker, Grell

Characters zodiac sign based off personality

Characters reactions to their S/o singing for them

Their reaction to a ghoul S/o - Sebastian, Grell, Ciel, Undertaker

How they drink their tea - Grell, Ciel, Claude, Elizabeth, Alois

Comforting their S/o after a nightmare - Sebastian, William, Undertaker, Angi

Their S/o drew them is too afraid to show them - Charles grey, Sebastian, Bard

Characters guilty pleasure song

Describing them with desserts - Ronald, William, Grell, Undertaker, Alan, Eric

Love at first sight - Charles Grey, Charles Phillips, Ciel, Sebastian

What they look for in a relationship - Charles Grey, Finnian, Sebastian, Undertaker, Grell

How they will react with his S/o when they are in labour - Sebastian, Bard, Snake, Lau, Undertaker, Pluto

Finding out their S/o is a ghost - Undertaker, Ash, Joker, Beast

Do they want a S/o with a quiet or loud voice 

Their reaction when another demon flirts with their S/o - Sebastian, Claude, William, Ronald 

Their reaction to their S/o being pregnant - Ciel, Finnian, Sebastian, Elizabeth, Ronald, Alois

What kind of Father they would be - Edward, Snake, Bard, Ronald

Their reaction to a S/o who is too busy for them - Ciel, Sebastian, Undertaker

Preference on their female S/o - Sebastian, Claude, Angi, William, Grell

Supporting their S/o through exams/finals - Snake, Claude, Joker

Celebrating after exams/finals - Snake, Claude, Joker

Comforting S/o who feels unworthy of their love - Ciel, Claude, Sebastian, Edward, Soma

Going on a date with a famous S/o - Claude, Sebastian, Snake, Soma

Their S/o is turned into a demon - Claude, William, Sebastian

Holding their newborn child for the first time - Sebastian, Finnian,Alois, Ciel 

Bragging about how great their kids are - Grell, Sebastian, Undertaker

Handeling their S/o’s period - Sebastian, Soma, Angi

Getting extremely jealous - Angi, Snake, Finnian, Bard

Most to least likely to be a morning person 

Superpower headcannons - Ciel, Alois, Elizabeth 

Lazy cuddling - Lau, Soma, Edward

Yandere headcanons - Undertaker, Lau, Soma, Agni 

Claude Faustus:

NSFW headcanons

Description songs 

What gift would he give his S/o 

When his S/o is trying to make him laugh

First time Nsfw headcanons 

Teacher/Student NSFW headcanons 

His kinks NSFW 

When he proposes 

Relationship headcanons 

Cuddling with his S/o 

Reaction to a angel S/o 

His kinks NSFW

Taking his S/o on a ice skating date

Hannah Anafeloz:

Relationship headcanons 

Sebastian Michealis:

How he would care for a blind master 

Wedding headcanons 

His reaction to his S/o losing interest in him 

His crush going on a date and he ruins their date 

His reaction to his S/o being better than him

His S/o is dead and Grell is coming to get their soul 

Description songs 

Valentine day plans with his S/o 

Sebastians true form 

Sebastian not liking Christmas but his S/o being a Christmas freak

Sebastian finding out his S/o he is in love with is cheating

Ciel confessing his feelings for Sebastian 

Confessing his love to his future S/o 

Morning NSFW headcanons 

When his S/o is trying to make him laugh 

Teacher/student NSFW headcanons 

He finds his S/o dead in their bed 

Sebastian helping Ciel write his S/o a love letter

Morning fluff (Vauge I know)

NSFW headcanons 

His reaction when his S/o grows cat ears and a cat tail

Him dancing with his S/o at Ciels ballroom dance 

Putting his child back to sleep

Accidently making his S/o cry

His reaction when his child falls for Edward 

His reaction when his S/o is sad 

His S/o names their cat after him 

Reaction to his S/o being turned into a demon 

When he proposes 

Having a food fight with his S/o 

Jealous Sebastian 

Poly headcanons 

Relationship headcanons 

Cuddling with his S/o

 Him teaching english to his lover 

Reaction to a angel S/o

Reaction to his S/o who is allergic to cats 

His kinks NSFW


Fluffy headcanons

NSFW headcanons 

Grell Sutcliff:

Friendship headcanons

Description songs

Going shopping with her S/o 

S/o is afraid of the dark and power goes out 

Sleep cuddles

Poly headcanons

Fluffy relationship headcanons

Finding out her S/o is pregnant 

Sad headcanons 

Possessive headcanons 

Ronald Knox:

Reaction when his S/o is afraid of abandonment

How he courts his crush

Fluffy early mornings 

Sleep cuddles


First time NSFW headcanons

Dirty talk NSFW headcanons

Kinky NSFW headcanons

Cute and fluffy Christmas headcanons 

Reaction to kittens crawling all over him

NSFW headcanons

How he treats a self conscious S/o 

When Yandere! Undertaker gets jealous

Comforting S/o who had a nightmare

Angst (Vauge but great)

Undertaker getting drunk

Actor! Undertaker falling for his make up artist 

Comforting his sad S/o 

His S/o is a shinagami and leaves everything behind for him

Teaching english to his S/o

Fluffy relationship headcanons

Possessive headcanons 

General headcanons 

Him finding out his future s/o is in love with him 

What youtubers he watches 

William T. Spears:

NFSW headcanons

Putting his child back to sleep 

Cuddling with his S/o

Taking his S/o on a ice skating date 

Description songs


Proposing to his S/o

Apperance/personality headcanons for his S/o

Virgin NSFW with S/o who is a bit scared

Realising he is in love with his S/o

His cuddling with his S/o

Fluffy relationship headcanons

Teaching his S/o his traditional dance

Alois Trancy:

When his S/o truthfully but sleeply tells him they love him

Description songs

SFW and NSFW poly headcanons

Christmas cuddles 

His S/o is getting bullied and he finds out

Reaction to a necromancer S/o 

Morning NSFW headcanons

Rough, passionate NSFW headcanons

A carnival date with his S/o 

Relationship headcanons

His reaction when his S/o is afraid of the dark and abandonment

When he is jealous

General headcanons 

His reaction when his S/o is marrying Ciel

Arthur Wordsmith:

SFW headcanons


General/NSFW headcanons

Charles Grey:

Proposing to his S/o

Accidently making his S/o cry

Cuddling with his S/o 

Reaction to his S/o making him his favorite dinner

Playfully teasing his S/o

He’s jealous ‘cause some is flirting with his S/o

Teaching his S/o how to fence

Fluffy relationship headcanons

Charles Phillips:

His reaction to his S/o making him his favorite dinner

Ciel Phantomhive:

Finding his S/o dead in a train accident

Description songs

Spending Valentines day with his S/o 

Poly NSFW and SFW headcanons

His reaction to his S/o telling him they’re a witch

Morning NSFW with his S/o 

NSFW headcanons 

His reaction to Sebastian and his S/o acting silly 

Ciel and Lizzy as children headcanons

His kinks NSFW

He dresses up as a girl so he can dance with his S/o in public (???)

Everyday activities he does with his S/o

Playing with kittens because his S/o loves them

When he tells his S/o he loves them in his sleep

Ciel falling asleep on an expensive date

Fluff with his S/o

Helping his S/o through an anxiety attack 

Jealous Ciel 

General headcanons 

Edward Midford:

Finding out his S/o has gone missing

He finds out his S/o is an angel

His reaction to his S/o bringing home a puppy

Everyday things he does with his S/o

taking his blind S/o out on a date

Teaching his S/o how to dance

Major fluff with his S/o

Relationship headcanons

Elizabeth Midford:

Finding out her S/o has gone missing

Teaching her S/o how to dance

General headcanons

Relationship headcanons


Angst headcanons

NSFW headcanons

Fred Abberline:

His reaction when his S/o tells him they love him 

Gregory Violet:

General headcanons


First kiss with his S/o 

NSFW and romantic headcanons

Cuddle headcanons

What gift he would make/give to his S/o

His S/o was kidnapped by Kelvin

His S/o gets amnesia and forgets about him

Lawrence Bluewer:

His S/o steals his glasses

Prince Soma:

Love at first sight with his S/o

His S/o is a young demon

Teaching his S/o his native dance

Vincent Phantomhive:

Fluffy headcanons

NSFW headcanons

Woldram Geltzer:

Fluffy headcanons

Ash Landers: 

NSFW headcanons

Having his S/o wash his hair for him

He’s jealous because his S/o is getting flirted with

Fluffy headcanons

Drocell Keinz:

His reaction when he finds out his S/o is being bullied

What he wants in a S/o 


Relationship headcanons


Relationship headcanons

Virgin headcanons NSFW with a nervous S/o 

NSFW headcanons

Confessing to his very shy crush that he loves them

Cute fluff with his S/o

Table of Kuroshitsuji characters, whom I have already had time to color~
 It’s constantly increasing :3