gregory cipes

anonymous asked:

Ok, so I know every bb/rae fan is freaking out because of the tweet Greg Cipes posted about there being 'lots of #bb/rae' in the up coming series TTG! Do you think he really meant it or is he toying with our shipper hearts?

Honestly, I think he’s trying to get his fans as excited as possible about the upcoming series. I don’t think he’s lying per se, but I’m pretty sure that by “Lots of BBRae” he means that Beast Boy and Raven will be (plainly) interacting a lot. I doubt that Greg’s “toying with us”, but I feel like he’s exaggerating about what we should expect. I mean, he has to be, right?

I can’t imagine what I’d do if BB and Rae actually did anything explicitly romantic. I think I’d literally curl up into a little ball and cry my shipper self to sleep.

Basically, I know just as much (or little) as you or anyone else does about the new series. I hope Greg wasn’t lying to me when he tweeted me that, but when I told him he made my week, he favorited that tweet. Idk. My shipper feels are currently consuming my life.