gregory campbell

Bruins at the Mall 2
  • Piesy: trips a lot over his own feet
  • Soupy: gets asked if he's a model a lot
  • Tuukka: eventually gets convinced by the team to get a massage and relax even though he knows that he will have to save somebody in the middle of it
  • Miller: buys a lot of protein shakes and power bars
  • Trotman: doesn't really know what to do so just follows Chara
  • Pasta: calls Tuukka in a panic because he accidentally went to Victoria's Secret and knows Looch is going to kill him
  • Chara: gets asked for autographs but only gets noticed because he's a head taller than everyone else
  • Talbot: is nervous about what everyone else will think about what he buys but truthfully nobody cares what he gets
Gregory Campbell baby news

Campbell’s wife is expecting the couple’s first child in two weeks, so he’s hoping to find a house for the new family during this trip to Columbus. His wife, so close to giving birth, is not cleared to travel.

No pressure, he noted.

“I don’t want to disappoint her,” he said with a chuckle. “I’ve done that in the past.”