gregory campbell

Bruins at the Mall 2
  • Piesy: trips a lot over his own feet
  • Soupy: gets asked if he's a model a lot
  • Tuukka: eventually gets convinced by the team to get a massage and relax even though he knows that he will have to save somebody in the middle of it
  • Miller: buys a lot of protein shakes and power bars
  • Trotman: doesn't really know what to do so just follows Chara
  • Pasta: calls Tuukka in a panic because he accidentally went to Victoria's Secret and knows Looch is going to kill him
  • Chara: gets asked for autographs but only gets noticed because he's a head taller than everyone else
  • Talbot: is nervous about what everyone else will think about what he buys but truthfully nobody cares what he gets
Gregory Campbell Imagine

“You ready?” You ask Greg, standing outside the locker room with him. 

He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes. “Yeah.” He finally says, nodding.

“You’re going to do great. It’ll be okay.” You say, giving him a quick hug.

“I’ll feel better knowing that you’re there.” He says, smiling.

Today was your first shit working the Bruins games. You’d get o watch along with all the other paramedics, hoping that you’d get something to do, but at the same time hoping nobody would get hurt. 

“I;ll see you after the game, okay?” You stand on your toes, kissing him quickly. “Good luck!" 

"Hey!” Greg calls after you, stopping you in your tracks. “I love you.”

You smile at him. “Love you too.”

Greg walks back into the locker room, and you head off to find the rest of your team. 

“Hey Allison.” You say, waving to your teammate and good friend. 

She’s standing by the stretcher, by the glass, leaning against the bottom row of seats. 

“What’s up? You say goodbye to Greg and everything?” She ass, looking up from her phone. 

“Yeah. Good lucks and everything are done. Hopefully nothing happens this time around." 

This time, a year ago, Greg had broken his leg. Managed to play, even in a large amount of pain. 

"Either that or stop playing.” Allison laughs.

“And the chances of him doing that?” You laugh, leaning against the stretcher. 

You and Allison talk throughout the warmups, then get prepared for the game. 

The Bruins are playing the Rangers in the Conference final, and both teams are out or blood. 

“You think the guys can do it?” Allison says, crossing her arms and looking over at you.

“Absolutely. They have what it takes.” You smile, watching Greg get ready for an offensive zone faceoff. 

After the draw, Greg is tripped and lands flat on his rear. Then, out of nowhere, Derek Stepan falls onto Greg’s upper leg. 

In a flash, Greg is on his back. Screaming and holding his leg. 

“Shit.” You say, pressing a hand up to the glass.

The trainer is bent over Greg, trying to calm him down. After a minute, he looks over and motions for you to come out and help.

“Go on ahead. I’ll bring in the gurney.” Allison says, opening the door. 

You jog onto the ice, trying not to slip. 

“Greg? What’s wrong?” You ask, kneeling down by his head.

He just shakes his head, clenching his mouth to prevent himself from screaming again. Tears are staining his face a but, hands white from gripping his leg so tightly.

“Honey, you have to tell me what hurts, or I can’t help you.” You say, putting a hand on his cheek.

“My leg. Something snapped.” Greg manages to say, gritting his teeth.

“Upper leg…probably the femur.” You mutter, turning and looking at his leg.

“Femur?” Allison asks, bending down next to you.

You nod, choking up.

“What’s wrong?” Allison asks, hand on your shoulder.

“Nothing.” You say, your voice cracking. 

“Hey.” You turn and look at Allison, her face inches from yours. “I know this sucks. But we can do this. He’ll be alright. Let’s go." 

You nod, the turn back up and look at Greg. "Alright honey. We’re going to get you out of here. It’ll hurt, but we have to do it. You’ll be fine.”

Greg nods, his face pale. 

You grab the backboard, then look up at Torey and Brad. “I need you guys to help me roll him on his side." 

They kneel down, grabbing his arm and side. 

"On my count.” You say, gently holding his upper leg. “One, two, three." 
Greg yells in pain as you move him. 

"Hurry with the backboard.” You snap at Allison, who moves quickly, sliding the board under him. 

“Roll him back. One, two three.” You hold back tears as Greg yelps again. 

You and Allison move fast, strapping Greg down. “Alright. Brad, Torey, Milan, and Reilly. I need you guys to help me lift this." 

The guys get into position on the sides, and you head to the front. "On my count. One, two, three!” You and the guys lift the board up, and the trainer slides the gurney under him. 

“Alright. Thanks guys.” You say, standing by the side again. 

“Alright honey. We’re going to get you out of here. The worst is over.” You say, kissing his cheek. 

Greg nods slightly, folding his hands over his stomach. 

“Head out.” You say, pushing the gurney off the ice to the claps and cheers from the crowd.