gregory bros

Youtube Rewind Annotations for Your Enjoyment.

Hey Guys, there are a bunch of annotations in the YouTube rewind video that are hidden, here are all of them!

Sione and Gregory Bros Get Down for the Get Down (1/19)

Aichi Spins On His Head…A Lot (2/19)

Epic. (3/19)

Meet RAB (4/19)

European Creators Know How to Shake It (5/19)

Barely Political Infinite Splash Loop (6/19)

Floating Through Space (7/19)

Ice Buckets In Rewind. In Rewind. (8/19)

The Tale of Four Cities (9/19)

John Oliver Reacts… (10/19)

Conan and Freddie W. Extended (11/19)

Stephen Colbert. And Big Bird. (12/19)

Brett Nichols Dances Like the King (13/19)

Chris Hardwick Boogies (14/19)

Matt B. and Grace H. Take a Trip (15/19)

Superwoman Puts on Pants With No Hands (16/19)

Breaking it Down for Frozen (17/19)

Smosh Romance (18/19)

The Oscar Selfie Photobombed (19/19)

You’re Welcome!