Over The Garden Wall is Underrated

Over the Garden Wall is a masterpiece cartoon show, recieving a 9.2/10 in IMDb and 4/5 on Hulu and yet so underrated. While many people are talking modern shows like Star vs The Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, OK KO: Letโ€™s Be Heroes, Duck Tales, Adventure Time, and so forth or even talk about older shows that are done like Avatar the Last Airbender, Gravity Falls, Teen Titans, etc.ย 

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The Maheswaran  Quartz Universe

Steven: Currently a galactic explorer, Steven travelst to gem colonies to find new Off colors and gems t help, and also works with Peridot and Lapis sometimes to help the Diamonds with plans of getting resorses that doesn’t hurt the local life of planets.

Nora: The oldest child, Steven wanted to call her Nora in homage to the his mother and father, she is 13 years old.

Gregory: not much older than 18 months, lil greg was named after Steven’s father, it was Connie’s idea.

Connie: while Steven is on space, Connie helps beach city and some of the gems that live there, Connie has a politic of Humans and Gems leaving in peach and harmony and uses beach city as an example to change the world, she still works hard to be one day the president


The animation in South Park is obviously lacking but the music is SPECTACULAR so I haaad to do a thing for one of my favourite songs from the movie haha– this took about a week or so to make?

There’s a lot of experimental camera moves in there and I’m not sure if they all work but whatever. Enjoy!!!