Even Eurobrun Gets the Blues - Part 07 - Formula One Needs Orange Cars (But a Good One is Lacking ATM)

The ER189 wasn’t just a new car for Eurobrun to try to get back to the grid. But also meant changes in the livery and the sponsorship, namely Jagermeister, the new sponsor of the team.

Since Jagermeister carried the orange as its official colors, Eurobrun ditched the white-livery and brought a new look that would make Netherlands football time proud as ever. And, IMHO, orange should be more explored at Formula 1.

However, the new car wasn’t that better as the old one (which was still alive in form of a spare car), and the disappointment was visible, or should be. The result was Foitek leaving the outfit after Belgian GP.

Monza arrived and Eurobrun resorted to a drastic solution: bring back Larrauri! The Argentinian was busy with his sportscar appointments but found time to return to his former F1 home and do the attempt to save it from darkness. But things would never get better.

Jagermeister found it too and pulled it out at the end of the season, leaving the car plain black for Australian GP, another time that Eurobrun wouldn’t past pre-qualifying.