brat0029  asked:

A few Umber questions. What do you think of the theory that the head sent to Dorne wasn't Clegane but rather the Greatjon? Do you think the Umber sigil (a giant breaking its chains on red) is foreshadowing of something? I really enjoy the Umbers in the book but I think that they won't be fully formed by the time the book ends, as there is so much other stuff to cover.

The Mountain was considerably bigger than the Greatjon, I don’t deem this likely. I think the latter lives and will show up again in the Riverlands TWOW plot, free of his chains and taking out his pent-up rage on his enemies. 

To the extent that the Umber sigil foreshadows anything, it’s that. We probably won’t get focused, intimate time with the Umbers like we did with the Manderlys, but that’s not to say what we get will be uninteresting; I’m firmly behind the theory that Whoresbane is on a pro-Stark suicide mission in Winterfell. 

Rumble in the Red Keep: Official Fight Odds

That’s right folks, tonight at the Red Keep, 9:00 King’s Landing Time, the most anticipated fight of the tournament season – in the champion’s corner, the Mountain That Rides, Scourge of the Riverlands, hailing from Clegane’s Keep in the Westerlands, Ser Gregor Clegane. And our challenger, the Red Viper, hailing from Sunspear, Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne. On the line is the head of accused Kingslayer Tyrion Lannister, black sheep of the powerful Lannister clan and rumored savior of the city at the Battle of the Blackwater. Let’s have a look at the odds.

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Oberyn whirled cat-quick, and ran at his fallen foe. “EEEEELLLLLLIIIIIAAAAA!” he screamed, as he drove the spear down with the whole weight of his body behind it. The crack of the ashwood shaft snapping was almost as sweet a sound as Cersei’s wail of fury, and for an instant Prince Oberyn had wings. The snake has vaulted over the Mountain.