Sandor before talking with Sansa after the Hand’s Tourney:  

‘“Come, you’re not the only one needs sleep. I’ve drunk too much, and I may need to kill my brother tomorrow.” He laughed again.’ Sansa II AGOT

Then we have the Sandor-Sansa-conversation on Gregor, burning and true knights, where Sansa tells him Gregor wasn’t a true knight, and therefore validates both his pain and Sandor’s childhood beliefs on what a knight was supposed to be, and shows him compassion.

And then Sandor the day after talking about Gregor and knights with Sansa:

‘Thrice Ned saw Ser Gregor aim savage blows against the hound’s-head helmet, yet not once did Sandor send a cut at his brother’s unprotected face.’  Eddard VII AGOT

Pretty much a complete turnaround. And yes, Sandor and Sansa had discussions about the value and existence of true knights up until the Blackwater, but this is the first day after that first conversation, and I think it’s huge that Sandor tries to save another innocent person from his own tormentor. Even if they’d fought each other in the training yard at Casterly Rock, that wouldn’t have been personal the way this is, Sandor stopping his brother from hurting someone else. Sansa showed him that Gregor definitely is a monster, and that knowledge gives Sandor the power to stand up to Gregor.  

(Also, how did Sandor sleep that night? Did he even sleep at all? Or slept quite well after that pretty significant conversation?)


History of house Clegane. I have only seen the one with Tywin narrating. It was not bad. But this was narrated by Sandor himself? *fangasm*

(Dat Rory voice, Rory pls <3 ) 

anonymous asked:

What makes you believe Gregor killed his sister?

Ned seldom put much stock in gossip, but the things said of Ser Gregor were more than ominous. He was soon to be married for the third time, and one heard dark whisperings about the deaths of his first two wives. It was said that his keep was a grim place where servants disappeared unaccountably and even the dogs were afraid to enter the hall. And there had been a sister who had died young under queer circumstances, and the fire that had disfigured his brother, and the hunting accident that had killed their father.

- Eddard VII, AGoT

Or maybe it’s a string of extremely unfortunate accidents.

I know y’all sad Cleganebowl didn’t happen but can we talk about that threat for a second “you’ve always known who’s coming for you”

because I sincerely hope Sandor just lowkey told Gregor that Arya Stark is coming to murder him