gregoire a meyer

“The only way to gain power in a world that is moving too fast is to learn to slow down. And the only way to spread one’s influence wide to learn how to go deep. The world we want for ourselves and our children will not emerge from electronic speed but rather from a spiritual stillness that takes root in our souls. Then, and only then, will we create a world that reflects the heart instead of shattering it.”  
~ Marianne Williamson

~ Gregoire A. Meyer_“Wired ”
~ Motion Effects by George RedHawk
~ Photograph Pro Software

“What is the point of a relationship if not to grant two people the very private privilege to uplift one another every day? To illuminate the qualities in each other that are diamonds of shimmering beauty. To appreciate wholeheartedly. To accept unconditionally. And to love eternally, even in moments of dislike. I’m not here to grant you the extraordinary love you never had for yourself. I’m here, on my own accord, to love you. So that when you stare into my mirror eyes, you may see how extraordinary you are.”  
 ~ Kamand Kojouri

~ Art “Love” by Gregoire A. Meyer
~ PhotoAnimation by George RedHawk

“It was hard to accept, but when the heart-shed of a faded sparkle was tallied, a dim fullness came over me. Maybe some things are just meant to be cherished the way they are: Unfinished, left unturned, wondering what could be and could have been.”  
~ Kevin Focke  

~ Art Gregoire A. Meyer

~ Precious Animation Motion George RedHawk_Dark Angel0ne

“The source from which your energy comes from is much grander than any mind can imagine; it’s the greatest. Use your mind to connect your energy into a much higher frequency in order to change your life and accomplish your desires. This world was gravitated together for you to be born and accomplish your wildest desires towards happiness, love, success, and bliss through the life you choose to live. Life is simply a gift you were given for your energy to experience emotions and feelings. Therefore; control your life, it can be whatever your mind can desire and accept to believe is possible.”  
~ Erika A. Garcia

~ Gregoire A. Meyer_“Entangled”
~ Motion Effects by George RedHawk ~ DarkAngelOne