To your answer statement about The Ring thing… I would say… more like relating technological determinism to the movie and its concepts, and how the technology acts as a channel that has social and psychic implications on the user. Would the girl exist without the technology, and would people have died if they didn’t have the technology that allowed her to find and kill them? My geek side is showing D; 

To answer your second statement about post-Internet art…. all I can say is that I believe artists are intuitive people and they tend to be very present in what is happening around them. I think that to not follow their lead, as someone who is researching them or is invested in them and their work, is just pure silliness. But I’m a nobody and will likely remain a nobody sooooo…… 

Especially if I keep touting on about  things the important people don’t care for hahahahaaaa……*sighs*

Thankfully there are some “somebodys” talking about this issue, so I’ll maintain a positive outlook??? Idk… :P 


gregings  asked:

Very nice work. Glitch poetry. Keep it up.

thank you for that fine compliment, Greg!! 

i’m clicking on your site and expecting something good, after that comment. 

i’m flipping through your site and remarking to myself…damn! you have a wonderful grasp of so many different styles. 

and now i’m digging through your site and taking notes. class is in session. thanks again for dropping a line. ++

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I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, and this is probably more in the order of wheezing into a Christmas cracker kazoo anyway. But another one of my illustrations has been selected to appear in the Society6 shop. I know, I’m giddy too.

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Shikasta in black and white. OK, brown and cream. I realised the composition was quite influenced (subconsciously) by black and white films from the 30s and 40s. Things To Come, The Big Sleep, Double Indemnity, and so on. I may have been riffing off the old Buster Crabbe Buck Rogers too. They weren’t afraid to use text at an angle then.

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