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I love how Kristen Schaal incorporates little easter eggs into the various shows she’s in.  Tiny connections like these really show how devoted she is to her fans and how much she really cares.  Kristen Schaal is a national treasure and by far one of most talented voice actors working today.


Boybands are amazing.

A lot of people find them annoying, but to me they are one of the best aspects of the musical world. Boybands provide a gateway to bonding with your best friends over the cool outfits worn in the new music video, or over the upcoming concert in town you all are crazy pumped for. Everyone always has a favorite that is acknowledged as ‘hers’. We all freak out over the superb vocals when the chorus comes on. Boybands just make us happy and seriously, what’s better than fangirling with your best buddies over hot guys who can sing? Not much (◡‿◡✿)