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A Challenge for Onision.

I really enjoy how disgusting Onision is towards suicidal people.

He believes people who self-harm are selfish, thinking only of themselves. What he doesn’t understand is that not everyone can receive help due to the neglectful figures around them.  Not everyone is capable of reaching out for help, because they believe they do not deserve it.  Maybe they don’t have the strength to reach out.

Instead of understanding this, Onision believes that self-harmers are irrational teenagers neglecting their bodies because they’re selfish.   He doesn’t understand the emotional and mental agony people who face mental illness go through.  That slicing open their skin is an outlet to escape that pain for a moment.

Instead, he says “How would you like it if you gave birth to a child, watched it grow, and then killed itself?  Think about your parents instead of yourself for once.”

 He blames the children for the way they feel.  He blames them when statistics show that parents are 70% of the reason teenagers and young adults are suicidal and depressed.  That parents beat and verbally abuse their children to the point they want to stick the barrel of a gun in their mouth and pull the trigger.

Onision does. Not. Care.

Self-harmers are selfish. They are ungrateful for the bodies they were given and abuse.

He tells them to get over it.

I have a challenge for you, Onision.  I challenge you to look into the lives of suicidal children/teens/young adults.  I challenge you to find a meeting for the people seeking professional help.  Do not go their with intentions of giving advice.  Do not go there with intentions of replying.  Go there with intentions of listening and understanding.  Step away from your computer a moment, and listen.

Listen to their stories.

If your fans doubt how sweet and kind you are, and how understanding you are, show them.

That is my challenge to you.

anonymous asked:

Uhm, I know people that self harm. And guess what... it is selfish. just because I think it's selfish doesn't mean I'm not concerned about them. But the fact is when somebody cuts they're only thinking about themselves and trivial shit. So that's the only thing that's going to make people stop. they have to tell themselves that it's selfish because that's what's going to keep them from doing it again. Honestly Onision makes you face the truth about your problem instead of telling you it's ok

Uhm, so do I.  I’ve even had friends who’ve committed suicide.  I’m not the one to be picking this fight with, you ignorant fuck.

People self harm as a comping mechanism. It indicates that a person is desperate for something. If someone is in that great of need, I think it is acceptable to be “selfish”.

You have to take care of yourself, plain and simple. Whatever self-harm is to each person: a means to feel something, a means to calm down, a means to dull other pain, a cry for attention… It is something the person feels they need at the time. It’s not ideal, but for a lot of people it brings some relief. Ultimately, I don’t think it’s “selfish” to simply want peace, even if it lasts a short time.

When people cut, and “ they’re only thinking about themselves and trivial shit” is because nobody else does.  Maybe people do, but they don’t know that, and they need help.

And the fact you believe that they have to admit to themselves that they’re selfish so they stop doing it again is GUILT TRIPPING.  You are making them feel worse.  You’re making them feel shittier for what they’re doing, which is a way to cope.  You’re trapping them in their own broken state of mind.

Onision blames and shames self-harmers and makes them feel guilty for feeling this way.  Like it’s bad they’re upset and afraid.  Forcing people into withdrawal because you’ve made them feel like SHIT is second to ABUSE.  Onision is an IDIOT, and if you believe his advice okay to follow, you’re no better. 

If you said what that fucktrumpet said to an actual self-harmer out in public, you’d get your teeth knocked down your throat.

Onision does not care about self-harmers.  He is making fun of someone else’s pain and emotion and mental trauma and making money off of it.

I’ve showed my aunt, who has been a therapist for 14 years, Greg’s video and she was appalled. 

Get a new role model (preferably someone who doesn’t sit at a computer all day) and get the FUCK off of my page.

You should take a look at this video.  This dude makes some valid points on this shit stain.