gregg green

High School Sweethearts


There he was. Sitting at his usual lunch table with his friends. 


Gregg had his friend Mae with him as he prepared to wait for Angus’s friends to leave for their class and leave him there for the last few minutes of lunch, which they soon did. Gregg fixed his green camouflage shirt before moving over to the table and sitting down across from the bear and leaned forward. 

He went to speak and say the whole speech he had prepared but he got choked up. Doing this with actual Angus instead of Mae’s impression of Angus was much harder than he anticipated. Gregg leaned back a bit and decided to start this off simple.

“H-Hey Angus I uhhhh…” Gregg gulped “have a question for ya”


Films Seen in 2015 // Cinematography

#20: White Bird in a Blizzard (2014)

Directed by Gregg Akari 

Cinematography by Sandra Valde-Hansen