gregg bloche

In the real world, the choices aren’t made clear in the employee benefits office. In the real world, the cheap health plan and the expensive health plan both promise you ‘medically necessary’ care and you don’t really know what that means. So you sign up for this care and you think, 'Aha! This one’s cheaper than the other. And it’s promising medically necessary care. You don’t really know that one car is a Lexus and one car is a Chevy. These two plans are being presented to you as Lexuses. And so you say, 'I’ll buy it.’ But in fact, in terms of the care it makes available, it’s cheap because it’s a Chevy, not a Lexus.
—  Physician and health policy expert Gregg Bloche explains how it’s really, really confusing to pick health insurance plans….and why picking the wrong plan may mean the denial of treatment.