over the past 6 months I have been trying to concentrate a lot more on art than I do music, and one of my biggest inspirations for that is squishysandwich, who has done a lot of documenting of the boston (and elsewhere) music scene by going to shows and sketchying out all the performers into beautiful masterpieces. Lately we are switching places (he is starting to play music, and I am trying to draw the music!) but this post isn’t about him so I will gush about him later.

Alyssa Kai ( lyskoi on tumblr) is one of my favorite people. She is an amazing drummer // pianist // guitarist // bassist // clarinet player and probably has played in two or more of your favorite bands at some point over the past 4 years. She has a new album coming out and graced us all with a live demo of it, and I am hopelessly addicted to her blog writings because she has a lot of great ideas,and a lot of great ways of implementing them through words onto paper in a way that is both academic and approachable. The entire thing is almost like a thesis on being a performer, and the spirit of it, and helps me a bunch to reflect on how I interact with myself and others through art and music.

This is a picture I drew of her playing in Turners Falls, which is on the northern border of Western Mass. I feel pretty strongly about the drawing, however I could not really get the coloring of the hair right. Please forgive me!

She is on tour right now, although I have no idea how to connect you with the dates, so just follow stuff she says and maybe you can figure out the mystery on your own.

more portraits to come of more swell people….. <3

5.7- Asbestos Farm, Hadley MA <w/ Ada - formerly Butcher Boy - // Pits>
*** facebook event TBA ***

5.8- The Treehouse, Albany NY <w/ Pleasure gap //Bunny Boy >
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5.10- The Hooker Dunham Theater, Brattleboro VT < w/ New Mom // Wrestle Crow>
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5.13- Mayo Street Arts, Portland ME < w/ Street Sity Surf // Arwyn Sherman>
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5.14- Neutral Milk Hotel, Lunenburg MA < w/Jamboree // Rest // Portkey>
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5.15- AVIV, Brooklyn NY <w/ 100% // Little Waist //katie ellen // CUTTERS>
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5.17- Coffee House Without Limits, Allentown PA
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more info

Section Chief Naila Raja of the Ceres City (working name) Police Department, District 27 Ward 3.

The head of a Police Section totaling 50 Officers and 120 Support Staff and with jurisdiction over 800,000 residents of Ceres City, SC Raja really has her work cut out for her. 

She handles it by being hard and demanding of her staff. Although she dislikes metrics that are used to determine staff productivity, she is forced by the system to use them. She doesn’t believe they help and that strong leadership is the best way forward, as such she intends to lead by example.

Raja’s rapid succession through the ranks has led some to believe she’s a career policemen, but it is the result of ability and guts. Raja has had some rejuvenation treatment, and looks younger than her 43 years. She’s married with two children, one in secondary school and is a practicing Hanafi Muslim.

She maintains a compartmentalised life, and while her friends and family see her as a kind and loving person, she runs her office brutally and has little time for general shenanigans at work. She is a true believer in “you’re there to work, earn that paycheque”.

She takes great pride in her job and despairs at her underlings when they act unprofessionally. On her (short) lunch breaks she plays Sudoku. She also enjoys Chess, but was never an outstanding player.

Her Glasses are topline ZimTech Frames, which allow her excellent internet access and communication ability. She has several Police Programmes downloaded but not the full suite she has available. She doesn’t like the idea of overloading augmented reality glasses with more than they need.

Raja maintains a small, mandatory exercise regime. The minimum required of all senior staff in the Police.

this turned into an entirely new show, so I made a whole new flyer for it! Tomorrow in Amherst (thats october 30th, friday, for those of you counting!) there is a show at Mundt Manor featuring myself, Holy Shadow, Jon The Archivist, and Cha Cha Connor of The Good Grief!

Gonna be a good time! 6pm! Here is the fb event! tell everyone! spread the flyer around! Come on and have a good time listening to vulnerable acoustic music! 585-360-8694 (text only!) if you need the address or just message me!