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All of your books seem like fantasies to me. But not because of the magic. Because of the characters. It's not that they don't seem like people I could know, they just don't seem like people I could BE. The only exception is Sophia, from Sinner. The thing is, I very rarely see characters like her represented anywhere (and especially rarely see them as well and lovingly handled as she is. So thank you.) But I have never ever seen a Sophia as the hero. Do you think you would ever write one?

Dear growfearless,

America has a bit of an extrovert problem.

We aren’t a nation of extroverts.

But we’re asked to be. American culture prizes those who are gregarious party animals … or those who can pretend to be. We have a metric-ton of words for the people who recharge by being alone: geeks, nerds, bookworms, loners, shy, misfits, weirdos. Our cultural narrative has always been about how those who like to be alone are unusual. We have a million narratives on how to learn not to be this dreaded person who enjoys their own company better than anyone else.

Introverts are not actually unusual. Everyone just mistakes us for extroverts when we smile.

America has a bit of an asshole problem.

I tread carefully here, as I am an asshole. But I like to think I stand up for non-asshole rights. American culture praises the brash, the gregarious, the funny, the loud, the aggressive, the person with the rigid exoskeleton who hides away all hurts and uncertainty under a cocky grin and some finger guns. America loves Tony Stark.

Tony Stark is an asshole.

In SINNER, Cole St. Clair & Isabel Culpeper are also assholes. Sofia, Isabel’s younger cousin, is not. She wears her heart on her sleeve, she genuinely wants to help people, she’s uncertain and she shows it. She is a tender creature, easily crushed under the steel-toe boot of assholes much like myself.

She’s based on my younger sister, Kate. Furthermore, her relationship with Isabel is based upon our relationship when I was Isabel’s age. I was a Satanic Ice princess with fangs of diamond and Kate was a tender, giving human with a clearly visible beating heart, and I abused her terribly just by being me. And Kate looked at American culture and she looked at me and she thought: this is who I need to be. I need to be a Maggie.

Asshole is not the be-all end-goal of every personality type, unlike what American culture suggests. In SINNER, I wanted to write a different character arc for Sofia than the one our culture so often chooses for her. Sofia doesn’t get made over into a wise-cracking demon in leather; she doesn’t really want that. She just wants to be sure of herself. The logical, best personal Sofia journey is not turning into an Isabel. Learning to cover up all your hurts and learning to be less generous with your time and learning to be less sensitive and learning how to shoot your fears in the head is not what the Sofias of the world should do. Learning to love themselves is what they should do. In fact, it’s what all of us should do, including Tony Stark.

As far as Sofia-like narrators go, the narrator of my long (20,000 word) story, “Ladylike,” in The Anatomy of Curiosity is very Sofia-like. I confess that I have notes for a future Scorpio Races companion with Finn at the helm, and he is a rather Sofia-like narrator. My next YA has a quite unapologetically introverted narrator as well. And my very first novel, Lament, is about a painfully shy girl learning to accept who she is. 

America has a bit of a lying problem.

Perhaps the most terrible lie that our culture says about people like Sofia is that the stories they lead are quieter, lesser stories. Here’s a charming story, says the world, involving a charming, quiet girl who likes to knit. BUT LOOK AT THIS IMPORTANT STORY ABOUT THIS JOLLY ASSHOLE DRIVING A FLASHY CAR WHOOO!

Lies. LIES. The real reason why the world actually seems to value assholes is because the world actually values self-esteem. Assholes either have it, or they can fake it — asshole becomes synonymous with self confidence. The Sofias don’t fake anything very well, so if they don’t love themselves, everyone knows it. And then they turn invisible.


The world will love you back.



APRIL 27, 2015

Monday, 27 Apr 2015

Duties and obligations seem burdensome or at least emotionally restricting to you, and you may feel self-pity or temporarily down in the dumps. You are not in a sociable, gregarious mood no matter what surroundings you find yourself in.


HEIR POLL! I’ve tied it down to two and I can’t decide because I like them both equally.

I know my blog isn’t extremely popular and I probably won’t get many participants but even one person voting would honestly help me out because I’m so stuck. So here we have Heidi Upton and Blair Upton, the two youngest of generation four. 

Heidi’s (top) traits are Hot Headed, Self Assured and Domestic and her Aspiration is to have a Big Happy Family.

Blair’s (bottom) traits are Genius, Good and Gregarious. Her Aspiration is to be a Friend of the World.

I’ll keep voting open for the next few days as they are still teens in game.



APRIL 25, 2015

Saturday, 25 Apr 2015

Both friendship and material benefits may well come to you at this time. You feel very sociable and gregarious and seek conviviality, especially with people who really know how to have a good time. Charitable and philanthropic impulses are stronger now, also, and should be followed with positive action on your part.

The Eighth House Cusp: Who Do You Attract?

Okay, so my favorite astrologer, Alyssa Sharpe, who I talk about a lot, once said that the sign on the cusp of your eighth house shows, among other things, who you attract. Fun, right?

  • Eighth House Cusp in Aries: You attract lively, fiery types. You just can’t seem to escape impulsive, kind of reckless people. At least they’re fun.
  • Eighth House Cusp in Taurus: You attract stable, dependable types. Good for you, I’m jealous.
  • Eighth House Cusp in Gemini: You attract intelligent, inquisitive, talkative types. I’m also jealous of you.
  • Eighth House Cusp in Cancer: You attract caring, nurturing types with lots of feelings.
  • Eighth House Cusp in Leo: You attract gregarious, attention-loving types that are typically pretty affectionate.
  • Eighth House Cusp in Virgo: You attract meticulous, organized types. At least they’re clean.
  • Eighth House Cusp in Libra: You attract fair, balanced, relationship-oriented people. I’m so fucking jealous of you!!!!
  • Eighth House Cusp in Scorpio: You attract intense, magnetic, deeply emotional, and sexy people. I’m jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Eighth House Cusp in Sagittarius: This is mine. You attract adventurous, philosophical people that want to explore.
  • Eighth House Cusp in Capricorn: You attract serious, industrious people. They also have tons of ambition.
  • Eighth House Cusp in Aquarius: You attract objective, detached, unconventional, rebellious people.
  • Eighth House Cusp in Pisces: You attractive sensitive, creative, possibly psychic, empathetic people.
Closed Starter: Band AU:  Charity Concerts, Bar Fights and Jail Cells

Ashley was glitzed out in all of her what her agent called her “country princess” look. Her hair had been curled into bouncy ringlets and held back with a bow, she was wearing a cute blouse and a skirt that brushed her knees. It was a look built to cultivate the image of youth, sweetness and purity.

She would murder someone for a tank top.

The “cross genre charity concert” that had been thrown together by the North American Mountain Range Bank had acts of every imaginable sort. Country, rock, folk, reggae, classical, even heavy metal was represented. 

She had been flouncying around the pre-concert meet and greet, playing her part to the hilt and although she had enjoyed it at first even the gregarious young woman need a moment to herself. She excused herself to go powder her nose and instead ducked into a balconey.

“Whew! Fucking crowded in there!” She muttered to herself.

katarazukos replied to your post “i have an assignment due in like 9 hours but all i wanna do is finish…”

what episode are u on. do u deeply regret getting into this hellhole yet

i think i am up to either 1.09 or 1.10, but i have really only just started getting invested in the characters now so i am keen to keep watching and form opinions. but regret hasn’t really settled in…… yet. 

Baby Coati, Mexico
We saw this cute little fella at a Mayan village we visited in Yucatan, Mexico.

The Coati is a raccoon-like carnivore but is more slender and possesses a longer snout. It is a nosy, busy little creature with an insatiable appetite. The Coati is gregarious and noisy as it travels about in groups of from 6 to 24, holding its tail almost erect and chattering with others.

Anik Messier

Adopt #10: Betsy - claimed

Betsy is a large, loud, gregarious cockatrice that thrives with lots of attention and in active environments. She’s good with children and sturdy enough for all the play that comes with, though one may need to teach care regarding her claws and scales. Nonetheless, she’s gentle despite her size and well-behaved despite her loud voice.

This cockatrice is $12 USD for the design and the fullsize of the png shown. $25 USD gets you the design and a full ref as detailed in our FAQ. Design, details, etc. may be changed by you after purchase. If interested in this design, let us know by ask or sending an email to!

Inmate #6: Roberto Devilla

  • Reason for Admission: Women Trouble
  • Traits: Self-Assured | Romantic | Snob | Insane | Gregarious
    (Added Self Assured to his original traits using this mod, because only 3 traits are not enough!)
  • Aspiration: Friend of the World

Roberto claims that he eluded a dozen women by hiding in the asylum.

Sim by ninoosims (Thank you! ♥)

America Is Trying to Fix a Mental Health Crisis That It Created

Julian Juan was only 13 when he noticed the scars. A high school freshman on the Tohono O’Odham Reservation, about an hour and a half southwest of Tucson, Arizona, Juan had a tight-knit group of seemingly gregarious friends. But even in southern Arizona’s desert heat, some of those friends wore long-sleeved shirts. Once, a friend’s sleeve rode up high enough to reveal scarred flesh.

“When I asked about it, they would say, ‘Oh, I cut myself doing yard work,’ or ‘I got caught in a fence,’ ” Juan remembered. He persistently pushed them for the truth. “They would say they were having these thoughts and would never fully explain,” he said. He could tell the people closest to him were suffering. And he wanted to do something about it.

Today, Juan is a 23-year-old junior at the University of New Mexico who serves as a youth cabinet member in the National Congress of American Indians, the largest advocacy organization for Native Americans in the country, where he’s worked with a broad coalition of young people to put mental health among tribal elders’ top concerns.

“This issue is really taboo for people in my community,” he said. “They don’t like to talk about it, and it does hurt to talk about, but it’s not going away.”

There’s a growing mental health crisis among Native American youths, and it’s being driven by poverty, violence, and lack of resources. It’s difficult to definitively assess how pervasive the problem is, partly because cultural stigma about mental illness makes it difficult for experts to access many Native American communities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is the second leading cause of death among Native Americans between the ages of 15 and 34—a  rate that’s two and a half times higher than the national average for that age group. The crisis appears to be afflicting Native American communities across the country.

Read the rest of the article at!


Gregarious Gregor (Part 1 of 2)

Our D&D session last week was the biggest one yet, and I mean that both in the sense of “time spent playing” and “size of the party,” which amazingly doubled (featured above is one of the newcomers: overtheflagpole’s sailor-Paladin, Aralyn, who I need to update with a less-generic appearance once Flagpole lets me know what miss Ara is supposed to look like). I’m flattered that more of our pals wanted to join the game, but that also means the party has less of a need for the wolf NPC that I’d set up for them.

It’s not like Kihal is without purpose, though! The party was told that this wolf can lead them to a secret mining complex, the source of a long-lost magical forge that the main antagonist is after. …And besides that, Kihal is pretty much the party’s adorable mascot at this point.

Anyway, this comic is about the time when the team infiltrated the enemy base, cleverly disguising themselves while Hálon took it a step further and claimed to be the criminals’ longtime friend, calling himself “Gregor.” When Orbit passed this Persuasion check, our entire gaming table erupted with ecstatic cheers of “GREGOR!”

It was all fun and games until the baddies spilled the beans about a plot to execute the Mayor at dawn… Stay tuned for Part 2 to see how the team dealt with this trouble!

(I’m going to attempt an all-nighter to get more of this art done. In the meantime, check out my Fedorasaurus’ D&D Group tag for more art, stories, and comics about our Dungeons & Dragons game!)

EDIT (4/30): Got a lineart reference for Aralyn, so her face has been updated in the panels in which she appears, and I’ll make one more edit once Flagpole decides on some colors. Lookin’ good!