You guys, this is ridiculous.

We, are literally the worst fandom to have ever existed. We need to stop. This is too much. It’s gotten so bad, I mean where do I start? Attacking an artist for their style, that’s shitty and bad enough. But we broke Lauren Zuke. We hurt her so bad she deleted her twitter. Am I personally to blame? No. Is everyone in the fandom to blame? No. But I feel as though we are all responsible for the atrocities committed by this fandom. We need to get it together. We need to apologize to Lauren. We need to better ourselves. Now.


Former Action drummer Greg White and his fiance Courtney Jarrett have launched a fundraising campaign following a horrible incident at this year’s Heart Fest 2013, which left Courtney in a coma in hospital for over a week.

Greg and Courtney have been a huge part of the hardcore scene in Southern Ontario and beyond, including representing SOSF in Canada, and going so far as to propose at This Is Hardcore 2011 in Philadelphia.

Courtney was enjoying a concert with her amazing fiancee Greg on the weekend of May 5th, when from out of nowhere she was knocked to the ground by an [aggressive] concert goer.  As her head hit the cement, she began to go into seizures.

After being rushed to the hospital Courtney had to wait for over 9 hours to be seen.  She was in a coma for over a week and has had 3 surgeries. after which she was to [return] to a coma, this time medically induced, in order to [expedite] healing.  She is now awake and out of the ICU, but has a very long process of rehabilitation ahead of her.

Courtney is a strong and awesome young lady. I have so much admiration for just how tough she can be while at the same time possessing such a gentle, warm and loving heart!  Please donate to help Courtney and her family and share this link with others who might be interested in helping.

All funds will go directly to help to take care of medical bills and loss of wages during this difficult time.  She needs every bit of her strength to focus on her health and recovery! Thank you in advance for your prayers and donations.

Donations to Courtney and Greg can be made through

We wish Greg and Courtney our very best with her treatment & rehabilitation.

Do you know Greg and Courtney?

Dan, SW


Greg White, Professor of Government and Faculty Director of the Global Studies Center at Smith College, on Environmental Refugees.

Among the concerns about human-caused climate change is the specter of tens of millions of so-called environmental refugees spreading north into Western Europe and North America. Greg White argues that the estimates of potential environmental refugees are both greatly exaggerated and politically motivated.

Part of Smith College’s Scholars in Studio series (via flores y canto).