Spike's just accessed CCTV footage of an illegal gambling club.
  • Spike: Guys, I see gamblers. I'm in.
  • Greg: Did you just guess at the wireless password?
  • Spike: No, but I guessed that Harvey's IT guys are one step behind the highly illegal password-cracking software to which I subscribe.
  • Greg: Spike, sometimes you scare me.
  • Spike: I scare myself sometimes.
  • Gregory Parker: Okay, last, but certainly not least, tomorrow a big drill with Team Five. And I, for one, am firmly anticipating a Team One victory. [everyone gets excited]
  • Ed Lane: Which is why we're going to spend the rest of this afternoon training, in gear, with weapons, in the six-story building we're going to use for tomorrow's training.
  • Mike Scarlatti: [unexcitedly] Training for a training exercise?
  • Ed Lane: We play to win, Mr. Scarlatti. We play to win.

“An eighteen year old girl’s dead and there’s nothing right about that. She was a brave girl, she deserved to live. And it is a tragedy that she’s gone. But she knew what she was doing. She was armed and she was an active shooter, and we have a code we have rules that when we are under pressure, we function as a team and we know what to do.” - 5x01 Broken Peace

This image shows a collection of diatoms at a magnification of 200. Diatoms are aquatic, photosynthetic protists and are one of the simplest forms of phytoplankton. They are abundant in nearly every habitat where water is found – oceans, lakes, streams, mosses, soils and even the bark of trees. Nearly all diatoms are microscopic; cells range in size from about 2 microns to about 500 microns (0.5 mm), or about the width of a human hair.

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The Perfect Cast of “Kim Possible”.


Lia Marie Johnson as Kim Possible!

Luke Benward as Ron Stoppable!

Noah Gray-Cabey as Wade!

Amandla Stenberg as Monique!

Peter Stormare as Dr. Drakken!

Elizabeth Gillies as Shego!

Ezra Miller as Eric – Synthodrone #901!

Jeffrey Pierce as Dr. James Timothy Possible!

Deborah Twiss as Mrs. Dr. Ann Possible!

The Late Ricardo Montalban as Señor Senior Sr.!

William Levy as Señor Senior Jr.!

Jessica Parker Kennedy as Bonnie Rockwaller!

Greg Finley as Brick Flagg!

Adrien Brody as Monkey Fist!

Edgar and Rafael Morais as Jim and Tim Possible!

Villains, science experiments, gals, guys and a naked mole-rat. Ordinary drama, right?

  • Gregory Parker: Spike any way we can get a look inside?
  • Mike Scarlatti: [From command truck] I'm picking up a signal from a wireless network, chances are that's carrying their CCTV. If I can decrypt the password their cameras become our cameras.
  • Gregory Parker: And you can just do that, huh?
  • Mike Scarlatti: It's a well kept secret, anyone with wireless can do it ya just gotta crack the password.