This image shows a collection of diatoms at a magnification of 200. Diatoms are aquatic, photosynthetic protists and are one of the simplest forms of phytoplankton. They are abundant in nearly every habitat where water is found – oceans, lakes, streams, mosses, soils and even the bark of trees. Nearly all diatoms are microscopic; cells range in size from about 2 microns to about 500 microns (0.5 mm), or about the width of a human hair.

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Spike's just accessed CCTV footage of an illegal gambling club.
  • Spike: Guys, I see gamblers. I'm in.
  • Greg: Did you just guess at the wireless password?
  • Spike: No, but I guessed that Harvey's IT guys are one step behind the highly illegal password-cracking software to which I subscribe.
  • Greg: Spike, sometimes you scare me.
  • Spike: I scare myself sometimes.
  • Sam: I was doing everything right, wasn't I? Mirroring, emotional labeling, eye messaging, everything in the book, but I just...
  • Greg: Need to listen. Look, you can kick ass like nobody's business, and you look great in the cool pants, but as long as you're out there and you're trying to talk to somebody you've got to be able to listen. You've got to be able to connect.
  • Sam: I know, okay. It's just, how do I-
  • Greg: -connect to bad guys when I spent four years shooting 'em?
  • Sam: I just need to finish this review.
  • Greg: Nah, you need time. Field training, a little patience, okay? Remember, you got the cool pants down.