Spike's just accessed CCTV footage of an illegal gambling club.
  • Spike: Guys, I see gamblers. I'm in.
  • Greg: Did you just guess at the wireless password?
  • Spike: No, but I guessed that Harvey's IT guys are one step behind the highly illegal password-cracking software to which I subscribe.
  • Greg: Spike, sometimes you scare me.
  • Spike: I scare myself sometimes.

This image shows a collection of diatoms at a magnification of 200. Diatoms are aquatic, photosynthetic protists and are one of the simplest forms of phytoplankton. They are abundant in nearly every habitat where water is found – oceans, lakes, streams, mosses, soils and even the bark of trees. Nearly all diatoms are microscopic; cells range in size from about 2 microns to about 500 microns (0.5 mm), or about the width of a human hair.

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  • Sam: I was doing everything right, wasn't I? Mirroring, emotional labeling, eye messaging, everything in the book, but I just...
  • Greg: Need to listen. Look, you can kick ass like nobody's business, and you look great in the cool pants, but as long as you're out there and you're trying to talk to somebody you've got to be able to listen. You've got to be able to connect.
  • Sam: I know, okay. It's just, how do I-
  • Greg: -connect to bad guys when I spent four years shooting 'em?
  • Sam: I just need to finish this review.
  • Greg: Nah, you need time. Field training, a little patience, okay? Remember, you got the cool pants down.
Flashpoint Quotes Season One

“Everyday’s Jules day.” - Jules

“You may want to do the math one day on all the ‘I’m fine’s” - Greg

“Samtastic” - Spike

“Because when you’re a democratically elected team leader you get to make autocratic decisions.” - Ed

“Maybe I was wrong, maybe. But I need to know that my team is on my side.” - Ed

“I think you need to shoot something.” - Greg to Wordy

“We clean up after each other.”
“I guess I didn’t know what I was cleaning up after.” - subject to his partner

“She taught me to not be a perp, or a victim, and above all to not be a bystander” - Wordy about his wife

“I’m not giving you cocain jackass.” - Sam during negotiation drill

“It takes a village” - Lou

“It’s tough not being the best, isn’t it?” - Ed

“I know I gotta connect, sarg says it everytime.” - Sam
“So when are you gonna start hearing him?” - Ed

“I’ve never seen someone so ready to die put up such an awesome fight to stay alive” - Jules

“I didn’t know you could fly.” - Sam to Jules

“And I’m okay” - Jules
“Want a second opinion?” - Sam

“But I’ll say this one last time: Romans and woods. That’s all I’m saying.” - Spike

“Who does the big time lawyer call when he needs a big time lawyer?” -

“No, I’m not free, Ian. Okay as long as they think I killed Katie, her family, my family, everyone I ever met, everyone I ever knew. I’ll never be free.” - Subject

“Just so you know, that’s my team mate staring down the long end of this guys gun. So I’d appreciate it if you thought real hard about this.” - Wordy

“Everything’s fine. Just like it always is.” - Greg

“Screwing up and being human, my biggest fear.” - Jules

“From my understanding, you have to have a date to blow off date night.” - Ed to Greg

*Sam and Jules first kiss*

“So did you save anybody today?” - Sophie Lane
“Yeah, I think I did.” - Ed

“Samtastic sleeping alone. What have the world come to?” - Lou

“Let’s go ladies” - Ed

“Well how can you be less dead?” - subjects husband

“She wants the truth and so do I.” - Greg

“The truth is all she’s asking for, her one demand and she’s not getting it.” - Sam

“That’s not fair. You know how much I love priming drywall.” - Sam

“How do you manage to keep so fresh?” - Sam
“I think cool thoughts.” Jules

“Baby cakes, I’m coming!” - Spike

“You’re not the only one who sees ghost, Danny.” - Ed

“You made me who I am. You can’t tell me that this is how it ends.” - Ed

“I should have protected you” - Sam to Jules

  • Gregory Parker: Okay, last, but certainly not least, tomorrow a big drill with Team Five. And I, for one, am firmly anticipating a Team One victory. [everyone gets excited]
  • Ed Lane: Which is why we're going to spend the rest of this afternoon training, in gear, with weapons, in the six-story building we're going to use for tomorrow's training.
  • Mike Scarlatti: [unexcitedly] Training for a training exercise?
  • Ed Lane: We play to win, Mr. Scarlatti. We play to win.