Team One || A Thousand Years

One of my favorite elements of Flashpoint will always be the friendship, camaraderie, and love between the members, families, and friends of Team One.  

  • Sam: I was doing everything right, wasn't I? Mirroring, emotional labeling, eye messaging, everything in the book, but I just...
  • Greg: Need to listen. Look, you can kick ass like nobody's business, and you look great in the cool pants, but as long as you're out there and you're trying to talk to somebody you've got to be able to listen. You've got to be able to connect.
  • Sam: I know, okay. It's just, how do I-
  • Greg: -connect to bad guys when I spent four years shooting 'em?
  • Sam: I just need to finish this review.
  • Greg: Nah, you need time. Field training, a little patience, okay? Remember, you got the cool pants down.