You just sort of see that Mary Jane really gets people. She can look at people and immediately size them up and realize what they are about in a way that Peter doesn’t. Peter is smart about a whole lot of things, but Mary Jane is smart about people.

Greg Weisman on Mary Jane in’The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series’ Season 1 Episode 12 ‘Intervention’

Nailed it. 

Also backs up something I said a few days ago. And also sums up how MJ helps to balance Peter out and explains why she’s great in social circles. 


“An eighteen year old girl’s dead and there’s nothing right about that. She was a brave girl, she deserved to live. And it is a tragedy that she’s gone. But she knew what she was doing. She was armed and she was an active shooter, and we have a code we have rules that when we are under pressure, we function as a team and we know what to do.” - 5x01 Broken Peace