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Steven Universe Quick Asks 02

I was writing what I was certain was SU Quick Asks 03, but then I couldn’t find 02 anywhere on my blog. So at the risk of being redundant, I have it here. These were asked a while back and because I wasn’t able to get the original asker’s reaction, these are published anonymously.

1. Why does Garnet say “I can’t” in Know Your Fusion when Amethyst and Steven act suspicious?

Answer: At the end of the episode The Answer, Garnet was at her most vulnerable. She was questioning everything she knew about her past and what she was brought up to believe. At the same time, she was very uncertain of her future. In her eyes, Rose was one of the biggest authority figures who was willing to help her and guide her. Recall that in their exchange, the first thing Garnet did was bombard Rose with questions. What Rose tells her is, “No more questions. Don’t ever question this. You already are the answer.”

Looking back at the series, Garnet has never asked a question, and when prompted, as she was in Know Your Fusion, she says, “I can’t.” Garnet is living by this rule because it reminds her not to feel afraid or uncertain, because she is the answer. No matter what happens, she has to keep believing that Ruby and Sapphire’s love will continue to pull her through.

2. Why is it that in We Need to Talk, Rose kept laughing even after Greg asked if she respected him. That seems like the sorta thing that would raise concern when you thought there were none 

Answer: I sort of touched on this before. I think there are several layers of things running through Rose’s mind right now. Immediately before this, Rose was already laughing at Greg’s attempt at fusion. She says, “You can’t fuse! You’re human!” and then when Greg tries to convey that he’s concerned and looking down on himself by saying, “That’s the problem! I’m just a human!” Rose still thinks he’s kidding around.“I love humans! You’re all so funny!” When Rose realised Greg wanted to fuse with her, she thought he was setting up an elaborate joke because she thought it would be obvious that Greg knew they couldn’t fuse. And then for Greg to still try it, is like walking on a banana peel you saw on the ground moments earlier.

That’s why when Greg says, “I’m worried about the future” Rose just tells him to ask Garnet. She thinks the entire tone of this conversation is lighter than it is. You’re right in saying that it was a scene that raised concerns because we always thought Greg and Rose were such a perfect happy couple. We thought that after Story for Steven, they would fall in love, have fun, then Steven would be born. The reality is that it’s more complicated than that because they’re two different people with two very different backgrounds. 

Adding onto this is the fact that Rose isn’t great at reading people. We knew right away that Greg was showing vulnerability and uncertainty. He was feeling disappointed with himself and it made his end of the conversation heavy. Rose couldn’t see that and so when he asked whether she respected him, she thought it was a joke too. 

That’s when Greg asked her to talk to him like a “real person.” Because up until that point, it appears Rose was just being the stereotypical pretty girlfriend who laughed at all the leading man’s jokes, giggled when he said things, and rained down compliments. Greg felt their interaction was superficial. And his making her face the reality of their relationship, that Greg wanted a serious long-term relationship, was what got her to open-up and talk to him honestly.

3. What do you think was going through Greg and Pearl’s heads in Mr. Greg that caused them to break into tears when they looked at each other?

Answer: It’s likely a lot of things. On the one hand, they might have realised how much time and energy they wasted hating each other and making each other’s lives miserable. It’s also an emotional moment, since they’re reminiscing about Rose and at the same time realising how much of a difference Steven has made in their lives. It’s a moment filled with love and regrets but also hope that things can be made better. All those feelings were boiling underneath the surface and crying is a cathartic release for them. Words sort of failed in that moment and crying would have shown the authenticity of their feelings just as well.

4. Why did Jasper put the monsters in literal cages and not just bubble them? Peridot was shown to be able to do it, so why wouldn’t Jasper be able to? It seems like more trouble to construct the cages and corral the corrupted gems into them when she could just poof them, bubble them up, and throw them out like pokeballs when she needs to.

Answer: When gems are bubbled, they are in complete stasis. Like Bismuth, they would be unaware of the passing of time. Jasper’s end-goal was to build an army, and that would mean training a group of hostile gems to listen to her commands. That she could ride ashore in Crack the Whip atop a corrupted quartz means that the said quartz could recognise Jasper’s orders and act accordingly. That means time with these gems and having them become familiar with Jasper’s presence as an authority figure.

Putting them in cages was a cruel thing to do on Jasper’s part. She didn’t recognise the individual hurting in each corrupted gem. But it accomplished her purpose. Should she have tossed them out of bubbles, they would have run away in the other direction, away from conflict. What we know of corrupted gems is that they’re rather territorial and defensive. They wouldn’t stay anywhere near Jasper or would even attack her knowing their last memory of Jasper was the gem who tracked them down, chased them, and then poofed them.

Space Rubies

Concerned that Navy is going to track down all the other Rubies and return to Homeworld, Steven asks for his dad’s help to build a new spaceship to stop her. Universe & Universe’s Universal Space Travel HQ is back in business and with Pearl’s help, they successfully put together an upgraded version of the Universe Mach 3. While Greg and Pearl still appear to be on good terms, a disagreement between them during a test flight could accidentally send Steven shooting into space with no way to get home.

Watching The Message again and like

  • Greg and Steven were making a song for Lapis. Greg had made art and all. Did he ever finish that? You’d think he had more interaction with her now but lol.
  • “Hold the phone. Now give the phone to me.” - a quote said by Steven and Garnet is not present. So the callback of Garnet using it in Mindful Education is more like…making the same word joke tbh.
  • I can’t believe my flipping eyes” - Pearl.
  • Apparently HomeWorld is super advanced that Lapis feels in trouble but what the heck are they talking about. Ancient tech had time-travel, multipliers, like what else can there be? All the trouble they have had until now are the effects of ancient weapons and methods. So what…. what else?
  • My mind is the internet, I know every continuity mistake ever made on television” - Steven.
  • I think I’m astral projecting over that quote omfg???? It’s like they planned to be a frigging mess?? It’s a social experiment, no doubt. We are all fooled. Look stans, use this against us. I’m so generous.

I usually don’t post su crit stuff but… Idk, I have been thinking about this a lot  and I really wish we had got to see how Greg feels about Rose giving up herself to create Steven. Like, he obviously didn’t accept the fact that he’d lose her right away, and he proably felt (and most likely still feels) very conflicted about it, he was probably confused about what he should feel.

Idk, we all know how much they loved each other, but I think they should have showed us how he felt about losing her. Idk, there’s so many episodes about how Pearl feels about it, and I think the point had came accross just fine, maybe they could have spared one of those to show us how Greg (and the other gems for that matter) felt. Three gems and a baby would have been a great chance to show that side to Greg: a Greg that loves his son, but doesn’t quite know how to feel about losing his true love. Or they could have had him talk about it on the present episodes (or maybe compose a sad song about). Or a flashback where Rose teels him and we see him get sad and eventually decide he has to try and come to terms with it for the good of the baby.

Idk, Greg is my favorite character, and I don’t like that such a crucial part of his character has been ignored, the way the show is going makes it look like he just came to terms with it instantly and that definitely doesn’t fit his character and his feelings for Rose.