greg's future

Greg’s Universes- Chapter 1

(NOTE: This story is an AU, set before the events of the recent Stevenbomb. Also, Tom references @plainolddope‘s OC, Greg’s twin brother. It is his fault that this story exists in the first place so go blame him ;p )

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steven has pretty cool aunties dontcha think?

isn’t it odd to think about how, after all this time, sherlock only pretended to forget Greg’s name

how sherlock just likes to see greg riled up

how sherlock wants to also keep greg in check and at an emotional distance by pretending (and failing to pretend) to not like him

how after being emotionally compromised and exhausted it is that sherlock no longer pretends to not know Greg’s name for amusement or to keep distance

because sherlock has realized that distancing the people you care about most is what destroys you in the end

(and thus becomes a good man)

My suggestion is we give up the white man as the problem and start thinking of him as a natural disaster, a catastrophe we may be unable to prevent but whose destructive efforts can be overcome and reversed. I also think we need to let go of the idea that some real disaster like the dissolving of the ozone layer is going to wipe of the white plague off the face of the earth. You know that by the time that day comes, these muhfuhs will be living in bubble cities and have your ass cold paying for air sandwiches faster than you can say Jackie Robinson. Later for Black to the futurism. Your mind may be in Khmet, bro, but yo…
—  Greg Tate, “Love and the enemy” in FlyBoy in the Buttermilk, pg 284.