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“Please, don’t leave. I beg you, please...”

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He and Myc were off when the e-mail arrived.

Toronto Police Service are looking for senior UK detectives interested in starting a new life in Ontario, Canada. Toronto police are the country’s highest-paid officers - wages have increased 11 per cent over the last six years…

Six years.

Six years of Mycroft, too.

They’d always been more on than off. This recent spell looked like it was going to last, though. Greg had thought it would fix itself after a month or so. One lonely night, and there’d be a text or a call - then one perfect night to follow, and in a blaze of glory they’d be back together again, addicted to each other, moving in within a week, fucking every spare second, tangled up in Greg’s bedsheets from six PM on Friday until eight AM on Monday - talking, laughing, kissing until his jaw hurt. Greg knew the pattern. They’d been through all this before.

“It’s fine,” he’d told Sherlock, when the latest off had been announced. “He just needs space for a while. You know what he’s like.”

But then a month had gone by, and then another - and the weeks had pulled themselves together like beads on a string.

It had been half a year now.

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Different dynamic – they were just two totally different personalities. Ben carries a lot of fire, whereas Hiro was more cerebral. It didn’t change the band musically that much, other than Ben would bring in his own songs - a new style of songs. Ben had a different writing style than Hiro. It seemed like a really nice injection of a different song style than what they had. The band had done four records to that point, I think it was nice to have some fresh ideas come in. 

– Terry Date (producer Louder than Love, Badmotorfinger)

Grunge is Dead – Greg Prato


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followthebluebell  asked:

Steven Universe AU: Pearl finds a way to sacrifice herself instead of Rose Quartz dying so Steven can be born.


1. Rainbow Quartz carrying Steven. Pearl going to Greg quietly and telling him what is going to happen, and why it’s going to happen. Pearl begging Greg to let me do this for her - let me do this for both of you. Greg being left without Rose for nine months, and then seeing her for the first time, triumphant and crying and holding in her arms a tiny infant with a translucent pink-white stone in his forehead

2. STEVEN’S POWERS WOULD BE TOTALLY DIFFERENT? i mean imagine Rose and Greg trying to shepherd around a tiny child with a full complement of nephelokinesis, psammokinesis, waterwalking, and full and instinctive access to his own pocket dimension (“Rose, have you seen my guitar?” “Have you checked Steven?”)

2a. I mean since I’m pretty sure Rose gave her physical form up to make Steven the Gem Messiah I’m p sure he wouldn’t have healing powers? or that his powers would work as a complement to Rose’s. TINY KID ON ROSE’S HIP, LEARNING TO KISS FLOWERS AWAKE FROM HIS MOTHER

3. GREG AS GEM DAD. Living in the house with them, chilling out with Amethyst, watching baseball with Garnet (”You’re team’s going to-” “JUST THIS ONCE, GARNET, JUST THIS ONCE, PLEASE”) and just. Becoming part of the Quartz-Universe family. He still doesn’t get involved with magic stuff, but he holds down the fort and makes sure that the fridge is always stocked and has definitely gone after a corrupted gem with a golf club at least once!!

4. Amethyst growing up as Steven’s sister instead of his mom! The two of them learning and growing together! The three of them learning and growing together when Connie shows up! (Rose would not jump so quickly at the chance to train Connie in combat, but she would delightedly adopt all of Steven’s friends into their funny little gem family. ROSE CHARMING THE MAHESWARANS AT DINNER!) Just. Amethyst getting the chance to grow up in a loving and supportive family and not! having! to! be! an adult at barely 5000!

5. quiet family jam sessions on the long nights where. nobody touches the keyboard or violin, and sometimes Rose gets quiet and stares out to the ocean, and Greg can take her hand and make her smile again, but he’ll never entirely understand the gravity of what she did because how could he? how could he know that Pearl loved Rose so much that she did all this, gave herself up for a human’s offspring, so that rose could be happy? how could he know what that means?

BONUS 6. steven projects his dreams - and sometimes when Rose holds him and watches him at night, she sees herself through eyes that stand taller than steven’s, and she swallows down tears