greg roberson

“Was he wrong?”

Second Coming #2: by (deep breath) Mike Carey, Matt Fraction, Zeb Wells, Chris Yost, Craig Kyle, Ibraim Roberson, Esad Ribic, Greg Land, Terry Dodson, Jay Leisten, Rachel Dodson, Matt Milla, Matt Wilson, Frank Martin, and Brad Anderson (not all of whom I imagine were directly involved in this one single panel).

LA RECORD Live Show Review From SXSW Day 5 BURGERMANIA Festival At the Spider House!

Tiger High played on the Spider House Bar stage to an enthusiastic crowd where the excitement threatened to take out the wires connecting the keyboard and pedals after one fan’s unintentional dive onstage and the consequent dive of a Tecate tallboy all over the stage floor.  Tiger High persevered and didn’t miss a beat of their engaging and infectious punk/guitar rock, a feat accomplished by drummer Greg Roberson, even without the full use of his left hand, which had previously been completely severed and reattached following an accident involving a pig and a glass door (you get the idea).  Despite having to duct-tape the drumstick in said hand during the band’s set, his drumming was anything but ham-fisted(!), and he provided a rock-steady foundation for the group’s imaginative performance.

Nick Collins


Photo by: Dan Collins