greg prime


So this happened at the #PAXWest2016 #LetsPlay panel.


Watch the Web-series that has capture this nations disinterested. That’s right it’s america’s least watch web-series Greg PRIME!!!

Greg PRIME Snaps Montreal's Gap

Despite a rough arrival in the great white north. (we drove 14 hours all night to find out our early check in was cancelled and slept the morning in the parking garage).

Our brief time in Montreal seems like a dream. Everything about it was to good to be true, it ended in the blink of an eye, and all of a sudden i woke up in my bed.

The Gouveneur Place Dupuis, was super accommodating, with the greatest view I have ever had the privilege to wake up to. 

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The morning was spent exploring a city filled with friendly people, fries covered in gravy, and frozen maple syrup on a stick.  

Getting to reconnect with the friends that helped create Greg PRIME in the marvelous (and clean) city of Montreal, has burned a love and appreciation for this city that will never be lost. 

It’s bitter sweet to think that this trip will be one not likely toped. But if there had to be an experience in my life like no other, I will rest easy knowing that it was this.

Thank you Matt, Joey, Kyle, and of course Brittany. And thank you Montreal.