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Dragon Age: Magekiller #1 for Dark Horse Comics

Well I guess everyone knows already so there’s no harm in telling you now. I have the honor of doing Dark Horse’s Dragon Age: Magekiller cover art! A comic that will begin in the capitol city of Tevinter, just before the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Interior art is being crafted by Carmen Carnero and the story will penned by Greg Rucka. And Dave Marshall and Roxy Polk are editing and directing. Normally I’d give a description but spoilers haha

Will Poindexter is a brawler. A terrifying one.

No - hear me out.

He was small as a kid, scrawny with big ears and too many freckles and that flaming red hair. He didn’t make friends easily, his cousin Nicole is two weeks older than him and they’ve been BFFs since he can remember, there wasn’t any need to make new friends when they were in the same kindergarten and first grade classes. But in second grade they were split up, and things just kind of sucked. The boys in his class picked on him and the girls threw fits whenever they were supposed to be partners and he got used to be called Freckle Face and Dumbo the Elephant. But it didn’t matter, because he still got to see Nicole on the playground and nobody was really hurting him.

Things got both better and worse in middle school. He made a few friends through hockey, but everybody else was hitting their growth spurts and he wasn’t and for some reason the fights starting getting physical. After being pushed into the lockers and tripped on the playground a few too many times, Will started to get mad. He became religious about hockey, pushing himself to get better, faster, stronger. He had his older cousin Jimmy teach him how to punch. The next time someone even looks at him wrong he clocks ‘em, splits his knuckles open on Mark Higgins’ jaw. He breaks Jake Bolton’s nose and gets a detention, gets a black eye from Greg Marshall and still gets three days of cleaning blackboards. 

The summer between eighth grade and freshman year he finally gets his growth spurt. He grows into his ears a little more and girls start really looking at him with red on their cheeks and nobody seems to want to pick on the guy that’s pushing six feet tall. So the fights all but stop (except for on the ice) and Will finds himself rising in popularity - still with the reputation of swinging first and asking questions later. 

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Ashes to Ashes S03E06 Paul: None of this is real. Sacks isn’t relevant. The riot isn’t relevant. It’s only us that matters, Alex. Alex: Who are you? Paul: My name is Sam Tyler. I had an accident and I woke up in 1973. Alex: No! NO! Paul: Am I mad? In a coma? Or back in…

anonymous asked:

what mysteries does Duke keep in his mepad?

Dearest, most interested anon, 

“My handsome mepad is full of useful apps that I’ve relied on in every single handsome adventure we’ve undertaken! I couldn’t go exploring without it!”

“There’s the ever useful Internet Professor for looking up facts on the go, the Riddle Index where I log each handsome riddle we solve, Ab Trackr for all our jentlemanly workout needs… I also have puzzle games we can play if we need a break! It even has a high quality camera I’ve used for handsome photos!”

"One of my favorite apps is Joojle Rootes! With this, we can determine the quickest way to the Questionable Town, and get there in handsome record time!”

Your handsomely mepad wielding assistant jent,

Duke Mighton

Company Culture

Company culture is something that is so important that it cannot be explained enough. What is company culture? Company culture is when your customers love to come see you and talk to you, when your staff and employees love to work there, and when everyone as a whole feels as if they have a part and say in the whole business. The goal of building company culture should be to have everyone feel as if they own the company because in many ways they do. The customers pay our bills and our staff is available to serve our customers so therefore company culture cannot under any circumstances be neglected.

How do you know when company culture is being executed correctly? You know when company culture is being executed correctly when you are excited to go to work and work with your team. You will know when people are referring their friends to come work for you. You know you have it right when your customers refer their friends to you and you know you have it right when everyone cares about everyone and there are a lot of smiles in the building.

Company culture means that you have the best of intentions for your culture in mind. It means that everything you do is not to just benefit you somehow but to benefit the entire team and help them reach their goals and feel more connected to you and the cause. People want to feel wanted and connected with other people and that is your job as someone who creates this culture.

Put your heart and soul into your work and your culture and constantly be thinking what can I do to take this culture to the next level? Say thank you as much as you possibly can and be grateful for the staff, people and culture that you have. People truly appreciate a culture of connection and gratitude. One small focus and change in your culture and it can change the world.

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Be Yourself and Have Fun

A great way to really amp up your customer service and culture is to be yourself and have a really good time doing what you love. You hear all the time about making sure you are passionate about what you are doing and that it will never feel like work if you choose that profession. Well the key to having the most fun as possible is realizing that life and business is not that serious and that your sole job in this world is to add value to other people’s lives. By doing that the value in your life will increase and your own happiness will increase as well. There are so many old schoolers out there that want you to behave the way they want you to because they fear change and being washed away. They fear that because they cannot be themselves if someone else comes in and people end up liking them, then you are a threat. Well become a threat because there is nothing that is going to happen unless you threaten the status quo. Do it for your customers and clients because if you do not someone else will and you will be left behind.

There is an attraction factor I believe in when you are yourself and just behave just like you do with your friends and family at home and it is people will naturally be drawn to you because being yourself builds massive trust. Think about it who would you rather be around a guy who is always perfect, never makes mistakes, and is always worried about his/her image? If you are like me then you do not like to be around these people because they are not happy at all and it has to be a lot of work to pretend to be something you are not!

In my personal training business I firmly believe the reason why I have had such a strong team and a strong clientele is because of being completely myself and transparent. I do things with passion, energy, care, and a true desire to help others and create an environment that people want to be around. I love to see when our clients are getting the results that they paid for and seeing their smiles on their faces because they enjoy being around us and the culture. Do not be afraid to do things with a little twist of your own…add some pizazz and excitement at the end of the day everyone is afraid to show their true self and if you do it gives the customers and clients and staff a way to show their true selves and therefore you are adding HUGE VALUE.

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Everything Counts

Everything that you do and read and study and all the above counts towards building your personal and company brand. There are a lot of times where you will actually think that what you are doing is not making any difference in the big picture…but it is. There is no way to quantify it which makes it hard to believe that all of your actions mean something. When you think of a new idea or spark up a new conversation or go to that seminar or watch that you tube video it all counts. It is all being processed in the universe as something that will pay off maybe years down the road. The big kicker to this is if you do things with a GIGANTIC passion and put your heart and soul into it it seems to make things stick more. What you say and do tend to stick more because when their is passion put into what you are doing it just seems to make a presence. And people want to be around that presence because unfortunately not that many people put that much passion into what they are doing.

I have been guilty of thinking at times that all of the hard work and sacrifice that I have put into certain projects was a waste because the exact outcome that I had wanted did not come of it right away. But almost undoubtedly I am proved wrong every time because then I am put into a situation where the past experience ends up helping me in the long run. My mother taught me a lesson when I was a kid that really shaped who I was and it was when I was playing a baseball tournament and we were getting beat really bad and I was just down in the dumps. I told my mother that I was starting to just play half effort in some of these games because I was so unmotivated by our beating we were taking. When I told her that she said to me very clearly that I should ALWAYS play as hard as I can no matter what because you never know who is watching or what can happen. This taught me a lesson of if I am ever going to be involved in something then I need to put everything that I have into the project or task.

Never let anyone or anything tell you that what you are doing is stupid, dumb, or make you feel inferior with what you are doing especially if you enjoy doing it. There will always be someone who is miserable with their lives and mindsets and are eager to knock someone else down. This should not affect what you are doing because you are looking at the big picture that big VISION and that is what your vision is and no one can take that away from you. If anything you have two choices you can either try and help that person out with what is troubling them which is always a good option because we do want to help people or you can just ignore them if they have no desire of bettering themselves.

Be true to yourself and work on yourself constantly to get better.

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Measuring what Matters


Belief is easy to have when things are going good but true belief and faith is more important and tested when things are not going as smoothly as you want. But it is a perfect test to see just how much you believe in what you are doing and also in asking why you are doing what you are doing. The entire reason why you should do anything is because you believe that what you are going to do will benefit others and yourself as well. Have you ever had the belief that things will just work out to be fine even when others around you are panicking. That is what you call belief. Not letting any situation or person get in the way of what you believe and you sticking to it all the way through, through thick and thin.

When you have your own business or when you are doing something different it will require a very very strong belief because there will be no shortage of people telling you that it is too “risky” and that you should play it safe. You know you believe in something when you are perfectly ok taking criticism or being completely uncomfortable. I read a while back in a book that if you are uncomfortable then you are growing. Is that not the point of life? Why would we just settle for what we have or not do the things we believe in when we only have one life and one chance to live it. At least that is my belief. Why would we just sit back and allow others to tell us what can and cannot be done and how or in a certain way? Have you ever let someone talk you out of doing something because they questioned what you believed?

Belief in what you stand for what you are going to do and how you are going to help people will without a doubt make a mark in whatever industry or area you are trying to influence. You never know who’s life or what cause you can benefit by believing in something strongly because you can be someone else’s courage. You might be able to communicate something to someone at the right time and they will feel the confidence they needed to move forward with. And it does not matter what you are doing that creates this it is how you do it creates this movement. People can feel your internal energy when you are serious and passionate about your belief and it will move them. It is was people want to feel to be a part of something with someone else and be able to share things and feel connected.

Share your belief and share it strongly.

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The Importance of Having a Mentor 

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Here are some of the best ab exercise you can do to get the tight abs that you want. Do high reps (15-20) with low rest (30 seconds or less) in between sets. It is all about intensity and stimulating the abdominal muscles. The one that I have enjoyed doing is the bosu ball ab crunch. What are your guys favorite or effective ones?

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