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“Greg happens upon a kiss between Steven & Connie. Greg starts out to give them “the talk”. They start asking uncomfortable (and magic) questions. So overwhelmed, Greg gives up and tells them about how the gems introduced him to fusions…

Young Greg happens upon a dance between Pearl and Amethyst; They start to glow, and something almost happens, but Greg makes noise and surprises them. Rose and Garnet return from a mission, and give Greg “the talk”. Pearl and Amethyst are practicing fusion because Amethyst is still learning how to combine with other gems. Greg starts asking uncomfortable questions…

Rose joins the conversation. Greg says that he wishes he could fuse. It was so beautiful seeing Pearl and Amethyst synchronize together. Rose laughs. Maybe there are other ways for Greg to synchronize… with Rose??? … make a BABY??!”


I hope they include this in the show, later… somehow. Oh please, crewniverse. PLEASE.

Why do we assume the diamonds pearls need rescuing?(or, on the nature of pearls)

Probably gonna be an unpopular opinion but eh, here goes.

Why is it we as a fandom have come to a consensus that yellow and blue Pearl are hopelessly trapped damsels that need rescuing from their diamonds? Like, I understand we’re biased towards that mindset because of our pearl, but isn’t it possible theyre content where they are, or even happy?

Let’s start with our pearl. She left an unknown master(possibly pink or white diamond, but she may not have belonged to a diamond at all, now that we know other gems have pearl servants(rhodonite, “off-colors”)), to join rose quartz and her rebellion. She hasn’t revealed much info about her previous life but we have a few things. 1. She believes rose saved her(I think these were here words, waaaaay back in roses scabbard), 2. She primarily left to follow rose. She maaaay have left because she desired more than to be someone servant but like…based on relationship with Rose, it seems like our Pearl just wanted to be someone ELSE’s servant, rather than a free gem. She’s grown into the role of self ownership over the years, but it seems likely it hasn’t always been that way. Regardless, we gain no indication from our pearl that being in servitude was particularly abusive, just a rigidly mandated life.

Moving on, let’s observe what we know about pearls from others actions and descriptions. During the contest in the gem drill arc, peridot exposed the fact that pearls are servants, disposable, “meant to stand around and look pretty”, and she is incredibly dismissive of pearl, treating her as an inferior. While on the human zoo, Holly Blue Agate is derisive and commanding of pearl, insulting her openly in front of her “master”. In off-colors, Rhodonite mentions that the Ruby and pearl that constitute her were quickly dropped by the morganite they served when she found out they were fusing. From this, it’s obvious that pearls are definitely seen as lesser by most gems, and disposable by some who own them, but, the idea of treating a pearl well is not entirely alien. Holly Blue jokes about Sapphire’s “patience” with pearl, but she doesn’t seem to find it all that unusual. As well, the only gems we’ve seen be verbally abusive of pearls are peridot(essentially a tech person, so probably not actually much above pearl caste wise), and Holly Blue(literally built to cow underlings into submission, see ‘natures the use of feeling blue?’: “an agate terrifies/a lapis terraforms”). Given that we know that gems seem to feel the same emotions as humans, even if they aren’t exactly encouraged(love; topaz/topaz, YD and BD to PD, grief; Blue diamond all the way, etc), it’s not hard to surmise that gems become attached to their pearl servants.

Next point; many people compare the servant status of pearls as akin to slavery and like…yeah, it kind of is, but isn’t that the position of EVERY gem on homeworld? You serve the purpose you were made for, nothing less, you get no choices. But it seems like we only see pearls as unwilling participants in this system, struggling under the thumb of their masters, when in reality , this is the lot of every gem. But no one assumes Holly Blue, or Jasper, or aquamarine are only doing what they do because they’re made to, it’s assumed these gems, and essentially every homeworld gem who hasn’t explicitly defected, is a horrible monster. It just seems a bit double-standardish.

This is getting waaay long so I’ll hit my last point: Blue and Yellow Pearl themselves. From them, we’ve gotten no indication they dislike their station, or that the diamonds heap any particular abuse on them. If anything, the pearls are treated BETTER than any other gem the diamonds have interacted with. Theyre trusted with important tasks(screening communications with yellow diamond in yp’s case), and given a certain amount of autonomy(when BP investigates Greg and Steven making noises in the bushes near BD, blue diamonds reaction is not anger, but simply asking what she noticed. Blue Pearl is confident enough to move away from her diamond to do something on her own). The diamonds have never commanded the pearls, the closest we’ve seen to this is yellow diamond telling yellow pearl to sing to cheer up BD, and she is far sterner with other gems. To be honest, being a diamonds pearl is probably a higher social status than any other gem. Yellow pearl is responsible for saying who does and doesn’t speak to yellow diamond via communicator, and blue zircon insinuates that Pink Pearl was trusted as Pink Diamonds last line of warning/defense(“where was her pearl?”)

I guess that was a long of boiling down this simple question: why do we assume the pearls WANT rescuing? Why isn’t it possible that yellow and blue Pearl have a fairly good life, and enjoy where they are?

Idk, mostly I wanted to blab about what we know about homeworld and pearls and do some theory crafting so. Yep.


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Niece mine

Some Mystrade fluff. Well. Pre-Mystrade-ish. The Reichenfuckening has fuckt my ability to write, but I hope you like it anyway. It’s pretty long so you can also read it on AO3. Love you guys 💜


24th June 2016

“Yeah, no, that’s fine, Mycroft.”

“I would appreciate it if you could involve Sherlock in the Hartingdon case, too, as there are a few aspects to it which may link to a matter we have ongoing at the moment.”

“No problem. Just send me the files, as always.”

“Thank you, Detective Inspector.”

“Greg. You know I asked you to call me Greg. And you did, for a while.”

“My apologies, Greg.”

“Alright. You know, I was wondering, we could probably – I mean, if you fancied it – we could…we could do this over dinner, sometime.”

Mycroft freezes at his desk for a moment. He’s tempted. He really is. But he can hardly look at the man. He is unreasonably attractive. If they were to blur the boundaries of their purely professional relationship by meeting on more informal terms, no matter how innocently, the…situation he finds himself in would only worsen. As it stands, the problem is manageable; his painful attraction to the silver-haired DI is bearable when parcelled out in short doses every couple of weeks.

It is kind of Lestrade to attempt to be friendly, but on this occasion, it would be counterproductive.

The man is so kind. And thoroughly admirable in every sense.

Mycroft does not look up from his paperwork.

“Thank you, Det- Greg, but unfortunately I have a lot to attend to at the moment and cannot find the time.”


9th July 2016

“Sherlock – no – this is impossible –”

“Hardly impossible, brother dearest. It seems to be happening already.”

“There must be someone else –”

“Nope. All away. Or dead. Some of them are dead. John and I have to go now. Important. Back soon.”

“Sherlock –”

As the car roars away, Mycroft looks down at the small human cradled awkwardly in his arms. The changing bag hangs from his shoulder, where Sherlock dumped it. Rosie blinks at him. “Christ,” mutters Mycroft.

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draco malfoy head cannon time GO

  • draco malfoy is the biggest, most earnest nerdlord and a huge embarrassment (he takes after his father). 
  • the slytherin kids used to go to pansy’s house over some summers just to get away from their parents and the parkinson’s weren’t home a lot anyway, so it would be the five or six of them (sometimes millicent came, sometimes not) just living together for a couple weeks, and blaise and pansy never lifted a finger to do anything of course and technically there was a house elf there, but this is how draco learned to cook a little: vincent and greg making noise about being hungry and the house elf busy doing laundry or something more pressing, and draco wandering into the kitchen and trying to whip up something for them (blaise and pansy make droll little jokes from the couch and vincent keeps sticking his finger in the mix to try it and burning himself, and greg just says “more salt” even though there’s a ton of salt in it and he hasnt even tasted it yet) and in the end draco can make soup and pasta and he kind of likes cooking (dont tell anyone)
  • i know jkr said draco doesnt have happy memories to conjure a patronus but i’m pretty sure its just because his patronus is super embarrassing like, a pomeranian or a fucking swan or something equally dramatic and attention-seeking
  • draco has very long fingers and very cold hands but they’re perfect for: playing piano (he likes to play it in the empty manor); folding origami (greg likes to keep them when draco’s done); eating everything with a knife and fork (even finger foods, even pizza, even sandwiches, calm down draco); making potions; clasping his mother’s necklace around her neck
  • actually draco really used to love helping his mother get ready for events as a child. he liked watching her put powder on her cheeks and watching her rogue her lips. he liked watching the diamonds slide against her wrists and helping her button a dress or pin back a stay hair. his mother taught him everything about keeping up appearances and maintaining a certain decorum in public (well she tried to teach him, but draco failed miserably, obviously).
  • draco really misses vincent after he dies. he knows he wasnt the best person, but they were friends
  • draco how are you so cold to the touch all the time when you literally hog all the blankets and bundle up in your pretentious mink-fur lined cloak
  • draco honestly thinks he’s so good at hiding his emotions, its so cute, and pansy and blaise just let him continue thinking that because its all a big joke like, “oh you were angry at potter today? it was so hard to tell, wow draco you’re so good at keeping that under wraps.” 
  • draco’s known the same people since he was a little kid and he half hates them most of the time but they’re still family, they’re still his friends. it been him and pansy in stuffy ballrooms; him and blaise being tutored together; him and vincent in flying lessons; him and greg getting lectured because they tromped around outside again and got their clothes dirty. he cant escape the fondness for them: the way pansy collects pens and quills, the way greg doesnt hesitate to shove food in his mouth but always leaves the strawberry pastries last in case draco wants one; the way blaise uses scented parchment that stains his fingers with the smell of honey and lavender. 
  • draco has a not-so-secret thing for sweets. he absolutely loves them. positively a fiend for sweets. he manages to control it but it gets passed down to his son and his mother (who so lovingly slapped his hands when he reached for one too many as a child) practically spoon feeds scorpius sweets all the time (its a grandmother thing, the whole “his sugar high isnt my problem” thing). but draco loves candies. he knows where vincent and greg’s stashes are. he knows which ones to pluck out of the chocolate assortment when blaise gets one from an admirer. he knows pansy will fight him on the almond flavors but not the dark chocolate. if hermione granger enchanted some roofied-candies to float in the air of hogwarts halls, draco malfoy would be unconscious in a broomcloset in a heartbeat. 
  • draco malfoy is so embarrassing oh my god