greg kent

Wonder Woman  ‒ Annual #1 (Cover Art by Nicola Scott)

To be released on May 31st, 2017.

Greg Rucka (Writer) will be providing the revised origin for The World’s Finest Trinity (with artist Nicola Scott) and a story about how their friendship in the current era (with artist Liam Sharp). In addition to a collection of adventures that take Diana across the globe. (Various Writers/Artists)

Nicola Scott is, hands down, my favorite artist for Diana. Seriously, look into her eyes. That’s wonder. I Fuckin’ Love it.

Y’all have no idea how excite I am for this issue. Rucka’s WW is the best Diana has had in probably a decade. In the main DCU, anyway. Renae de Liz’s Legend of Wonder Woman was a wonderful breath of fresh air that was stolen from us far too soon. But, specifically, this issue is something I’ve been wanting forever. Diana, Clark, and Bruce being friends should not be a radical idea. I am 152% here for adults being friends without feeling the need to make literally everything into a competition. This is wonderful and I want more like it.
Will The CW Spin Off Superman Next?
Now that Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have all been renewed for the 2017-2018 season, will the Berlanti-verse expand to include another superhero series? Over the…

“Tyler did a great job,” he said following his panel at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Sunday. “There’s no plan to do a series. There are no plans at the moment for him to return [to Supergirl]. If they wish to have him return, we’d love to have him.”

The question remains whether a Superman spinoff would even be possible considering the Man of Steel plays such an important role in DC’s movie slate — though he died in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman will return in the upcoming Justice League. As for the rights issues, Pedowitz plays coy: “I can’t even answer the question yet, because at this time there are no plans to do it and there have been no discussions about it,” he added.


Batman/Superman Annual #2 - “Siege” (2015)

written by Greg Pack
art by Tom Derenick, Tyler Kirkham, Ian Churchill, Ardian Syaf, Emanuela Lupacchino, Vicente Cifuentes, Mark Morales, Jaime Mendoza, Ray McCarthy, Arif Prianto, Fahriza Kamaputra, Jessica Kholinne, & Gloria Caeli