greg just being greg oh my god

Is it bad I think I just made up a ship?

I think I ship Dudley Dursley and Greg Goyle. WTF. They’ve never met in canon. But oh my god, would they get along or what? They’ve got sooooo much in common.

Imagine them meeting at a cake shop

Imagine them beating up homophobes

Imagine Dudley learning about moldyshorts and Fucking Harry

Imagine Greg learning about muggle candy and cheese wiz

Imagine them dieting together

Imagine Dudley meeting Draco and being like god for hating my cousin you’re really fucking obsessed with him and Greg going like you have noooooo idea

Imagine Dudley shipping drarry and subtly not so subtly trying to set them up

Imagine Dudley coming out to his parents like “heyimgayandamdatingawizard, pass the peas?”

Imagine Vernon’s face

Imagine Petunia

And Harry just laughing his ass off

I just started crying really hard because I was imagining Pearl being with rose while she transforms (or whatever happens) into steven, and then Steven just starts crying and she can’t make him stop, so she gives him to Greg or one of the other gems and he stops and laughs or something. Like Pearl was so used to being Rose’s favourite so she feels like she lost rose and now what she does have doesn’t even love her and oh my god this is so sad someone write a sad fic from pearls pov