greg horan

Everyone seems to be confused about Greg’s tweet so let me explain something to you

  • Niall and Greg were never close growing up (they’re like 8 years apart or something and Niall said that they just were never close)
  • Greg used to complain on twitter ALL THE TIME about Niall (it’s why he left the first time)
  • They recently reconnected
  • Greg complains because Niall doesn’t invite him everywhere (he’s complained about award shows and stuff before)
  • and Niall’s charity match was today and Greg wasn’t there
  • so Greg’s probably hurt he wasn’t invited to the match
  • and instead of being a mature man and bringing it up to Niall, he acts like a 12 year old girl posting not-so-indirects on twitter
  • Bobby Horan needs to come take control of his damn son