greg harris


More Hogwarts AU stuff. Introducing classmates! Lucille is the bird-girl from OTGW (I just gave her a name) and Pat and Oliver are OCs of mine. Info on Dipper, Mabel, Wirt and Greg’s parents, hopefully the writing isn’t too small (more info on Pacifica will appear during the AU, as well as Wendy; Wirt’s dad does not make any appearance in the AU. He’s just there to be the reason to a problem XP

Also, Wirt’s Beast. Now ya know 8DD


I wish I could have met you, then this place could make me sad and I could cry healing tears, like you


Thar we go! Intro comic for the GF/OTGW Hogwarts AU, Caerulus Ignus. Note again that this au is NOT a full comic, but there will be a few short ones like these now and then, along with one-shots, sketches and full illustrations. This comic introduces the characters and basically starts off the 5-year story line I’ve got in mind. Grunkle Stan shows up eventually. Teachers at the Head table are not all present; there are less for time reasons XP (Big thank you to mah bestie Serina for linearting my pages 2-4!)