greg f

After all those years, I never thought I’d lose

              It’s over isn’t it–

                           isn’t it

                     isn’t it


*adds to the hundreds of drawings of this scene*

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though he doesn’t appear in either of the group selfies (as seen above), jonghyun was tagged in a post made by ldnnoise’s greg bonnick today with a caption that reads:

@gregbonnick: what a great camp once again in seoul!! (apart from almost dying. 😂) huge thanks to the entire @smentertainment family my brothers & sisters for always believing in ldn noise and encouraging our creativity. s/o to the amazing team that worked there ass off this week! @adrian_gram @itsdyson @chikk_chikk @haydeldnnoise @michelle_mkcho @rslurpee @oakoon @esna @ajol_llama @jonghyun.948 love u guys to the max thanks so much 🙌🏼🇰🇷🙏🏼 #ldnnoise #sment #smtown #kpop

as you can see: jonghyun was tagged. not only jonghyun though, but f(x)’s amber and esna, who’s known for working with mamamoo. does this mean that what jonghyun was referring to last week on blue night when he stated that he was going to busy this last weekend doing something he “enjoys” is related to this? did he participate in another composing / writing / workshop camp? did he work on a song with ldnnoise? hopefully we’ll find out eventually! (source)

Kinkshaming Steven universe: Greg Universe

Greg fuvking f u x k e d a rock 💎. hOw dO yOu fukkles A GODDANG rOCC💢💢.😡 “yEAH LETS FRICKLE SPACE ROCK MOM“. Drill a hole in that bish and let ‘er rip. Dri hump💏💦 the Earth until it popps a bab named Stev👶. HOW DO U FIND PLEASURE IN D E S T R O Y I N G YOUR PENIS???😧😧😧 (jk I freaking love Steven universe, I’m trash for gay space rocks)

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