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EW Popfest - CW Arrowverse Panel (Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist, Caity Lotz, Stephen Amell)

anonymous asked:

How would you fix Spider-Man?

Well, making him Miles Morales, while he’s not ‘my’ Spider-Man, is probably the actual necessary first step. But that won’t be happening anytime soon since Marvel wanted to broadcast as loud as possible with Civil War “hey, guys, it’s classic Spider-Man like in the movies you’ve already liked teaming up with the Avengers”. So we gotta figure out what to do with Peter besides “give him to Al Ewing or Greg Pak/Aaron Kuder”.

I’ve mentioned before, my issue with the current status quo isn’t really about him being rich or single (though I’m not crazy about those either), it’s that the powers-that-be have decided to wind him back to the classic high school mindset without actually putting him back in high school, resulting in him coming off as a total fuck-up who can’t manage his own life. It doesn’t help either than him complaining about his life sucking as a teenager - because he was a teenager, when in fact his earliest stories as often as not had clean-cut happy endings - has translated to a bunch of creators deciding his life actually should be catastrophically awful at all times, because I guess it’s way too easy for a bunch of comics creators to get in that mindset. So we’ve ended up with this endless faux-retro string of stories about an allegedly lovable dumbfuck getting his life wrecked again and again until reading his books becomes a minor experiences in sadism, mixed with a soap opera mindset that often puts his amazing adventures in the background of the deadly secrets of Carly Cooper’s father or whatever. Daredevil can have his life destroyed over and over again and have it be engaging because he’s a tormented badass who’ll always come back swinging - Gwen Stacy and Uncle Ben coming back to die in front of Spidey again or whatever’s going on right now is the storytelling equivalent of kicking a puppy.

A lot of it would come down to changes in storytelling approaches rather than to the status quo, but a few alterations to the setup wouldn’t hurt. Married, maybe with a kid, seems like a good start in establishing him as a grown-up with some degree of stability. If not a teacher, some similar setup where he’s using that brain of his for good but maybe not hauling in the dough. And above all, more weird shit, or at least stuff that isn’t just classic superhero adventures. He’s a Steve Ditko character, he’s supposed to be odd and spindly and out there. Have him abducted by drunk aliens on a bender, accidentally discover a portal to a world where he’s Earth’s greatest hero in a broom closet, wake up on a rock in the middle of the ocean with a note pinned to his chest saying he has one minute before Kraven begins the hunt; anything as simple as “he fights Electro” should have at least three major complications on top. Even as a competent adult, he should always be in over his head and out of place and dealing with bizarre stuff the FF and Avengers would never touch, having a little more fun with it all than he likes to admit. I wanna get back to that weird period where he’d seem to find himself trapped in a doll city with a massive Mysterio towering overhead, or he could botch an experiment and grow new arms. Something creepier and crazier, a guy who’s been in this business since he was 15 but without the temperament or charisma to be one of the big guns trying his best to get by and do the right thing in a world of freaks in vulture suits. Give him an atmosphere again beyond 70s Marvel Adventures, and it’ll all start to click into place.

asmuchasryuklovesapples  asked:

Should I interpret the MTV ship of the year talk on SA's facebook, or Greg Berlanti's comment on Olicity as something to ease the blow of the next episode?(5x05) they said the ep will be olicity centric and we almost sure that it means there will be the big fight. We also know that Malone is in next ep, too. And ofc KC and engagement ring comes in next few episodes. all pro-olicity talk outside of the show can be about giving us some hope to recover easily?

I’m going to post my answer, because I have a feeling there’s a lot of people wondering the same thing. Hopefully you don’t mind ;)

Personally, I don’t think 5x05 is going to be as bad as some in the fandom are making it out to be. I’m not sure there will be a fight. “Fight” isn’t even on my radar for 5x05, so I’ll have to disagree there. As for KC and the engagment ring, we don’t actually KNOW anything. It’s all just speculation. As I said in my spec, if it’s true then it’s not REAL and will ultimately reinforce Olicity in the end.

They are promoting 5x05 as an Olicity episode and I don’t believe they would be doing that if there wasn’t going to be some goodies in there for us. That said, I think perhaps over hiatus some fans got their hopes up too high and expected 5x05 to be a reunion episode. Or at least the beginning of the reunion, which would see fruition by mid season.

I do not believe Arrow is on that fast of a track with Olicity. I’ve always believed this is a full season journey, much like Season 2 and Season 3. Personally, I’m not expecting a lot of movement in 5A. It wouldn’t make sense if they are trying to pace this out for the full season.

The most frequent question I receive from my encounter with Marc is whether or not I believe 5x05 is going to be good or bad for Olicity. My answer is always this: I didn’t ask because it didn’t matter to me. Whether it’s good or bad, 5x05 is simply one piece in the puzzle towards rebuilding Olicity. 

And yes… there will be an ebb and a flow to this. We will take step backwards. There will be moments the writers make us think, “Oh no! Olicity is over for good! How will they ever fix this?” Then they’ll fix it because that’s how storytelling works. This is what they do with Olicity every single year. Every season there are heartbreaking, gut punching moments for Olicity, even in the highly touted S2. Moments where it feels hopeless. And then… there is light. So, that’s primarily why I’m so extremely chill about 5x05. If it’s bad? Bring it. If it’s good? Bring it. All part of the storytelling process and that’s what I signed up for.

However, thus far everything I’m seeing in the show with the interactions between Oliver and Felicity is laden with hope - even if the conversations are not going as some people would desire. The writers are laying the groundwork. It’s there. We just have to pay attention and be patient.

I think Marc gave the most accurate description of the episode in the Q&A he was kind enough to host. Those of us who are enjoying the journey will enjoy the episode. Those who are expecting Olicity to be back together will be upset. 

As for Stephen’s Q&A with Emily and Greg Berlanti’s comments at EW PopFest… sure. They are trying to ease fans’ fears. Whether it’s easing their fears from the hiatus promotion or upcoming troubles in the next few episodes, it doesn’t really matter to me. This is what the Olicity fandom has begged the cast and creators to do for the last several months: GIVE US HOPE. They did it this weekend. 

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