greg easton

a first impressions of each member of the cars

as done by someone who is a brand new fan, ready to be sucked deeper into the fandom

ric ocasek
⁃ how do I pronounce his last name
⁃ he seems pretty darn tall
⁃ nice ears
⁃ also he wears sunglasses like 24/7?? does this man actually have eyes or

greg hawkes
⁃ wow NERD
⁃ he’s so tiny bless
⁃ good choice of sweaters
⁃ instant fave

elliot easton
⁃ so from what I’ve read he seems like a pretty funny guy
⁃ is he like the resident sassmaster??
⁃ one things for sure he’s got a fuckton of guitar skill I was not prepared for
⁃ seriously. underrated

david robinson
⁃ so I don’t know much about him
⁃ but last time I checked he was making bad hair decisions
⁃ also likes collecting pin-ups and photos of pretty girls
⁃ should I be concerned

benjamin orr
⁃ wow he’s pretty
⁃ he kinda looks like roger taylor from queen
⁃ benjamin ORR roger taylor?? who knows
⁃ yes I will be making an unhealthy amount of puns from his surname