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I like Steven Universe. I like the people. Especially Greg. But I see a lot of Gem art, which is cool. I like them too. And pairing art, which is okay. But not just the people. So I did that. I still have to ruin it with ink and color so I figured I’d make quick scan.

Fun fact: I thought for a brief moment that the show took place in a shore town in New Jersey. But it doesn’t. It’s based off of Rehoboth Beach adventures of the creator.

Onion has a cup of sand crabs because we used to do that when I was little.

queenofthefaces  asked:

what do you think about the recent discussion about the ages of lars, sadie, and the cool kids (and to a lesser but related extent, ronaldo)? some lines in canon point to sadie being an adult, and the cool kids and lars being teenagers and that (rightfully) doesnt sit well in terms of the romantic implications. (matt burnett also once tweeted that the group was a "mix of various ages, ranging from early teens to young adult" but the tweet was deleted/cant be found, according to the wiki)

(personally, i think its a case of miscommunication between the crew/writers and their interpretations of the characters. they may have all originally have been intended to be the same age, but somehow along the way the writing evolved to frame them differently.)

Hi there! I wasn’t around for this discussion, but if I were to place it, I’d put that entire group in the young adult range. None of them really strike me as teenagers. They’re all holding down jobs and the activities that they have (e.g. potluck, like adults do) show that they’re not really in the stage of going from child to young adult. They all have rather solid identities, and usually the teen years are portrayed as searching for those exact things.

Also, looking back on my teen years, I’d put my actions somewhere in the early Steven range. And it’s appropriate because Steven and Connie, and even Peedee, are the teens in the story. All throughout, Lars, Sadie, Buck, Jenny, Sour Cream, Ronaldo, and Kiki have been portrayed as older and more mature than Steven is. Steven has consistently looked up sometimes literally, to these people. And their interactions are often tinged with looking at Steven as someone much younger and more inexperienced.

As for them, they’re post-teens trying to make their way into solid adulthood without losing themselves. They’re coming to grips with responsibility and accountability and standing up for themselves, the latter of which is usually not granted to teens (though it really should). 

The issues they choose to focus on, as you said, in their development as characters, are more adult in nature but not as “old” as Greg’s or Vidalia’s. They’re that in-between and I think it’s lovely that we get to capture the different stages of people’s lives through all the characters in the show.

SU Fandom Repeat After Me

There are no fillers in Steven Universe.”  
“Human-centric episodes are not filler.” 
“The Humans in Beach City deserve screen-time and character development.”

I’m already seeing posts complaining that were getting filler episodes and I won’t have it. 


This batch was made with love by Chef Steven (with the help of Chef Jasper and maybe Peridot)

Crystal Gems version here

Home World Gems version here

Connie: Mint Chocolate Chip and Fudge with Strawberry

Greg: Cherry Cola Float with Strawberry Ice Cream and Chocolate Cream

Sadie and Lars: Doughnut Creampuff Sundae

The Cool Kids Cone: Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry

Ruby: Strawberry and Chocolate Flan Pudding

Sapphire: Blueberry and Vanilla Yogurt