greg brown


Mitch and his boyfriend singing their “Sience Love Song”

This is so cheesy (but cute?!?!?!) And damn Mitch can sing. Those runs at the end? 

How Long
Anais Mitchell

“How Long?” from Hadestown

You and your pity don’t fit in my bed
You just burn like a fire in the pit of my bed
And I turn like a bird on a spit in my bed
How long, how long, how long?

How long? Just as long as I am your wife
It’s true the earth must die
But then the earth comes back to life
And the sun just goes on rising

phil lester died in 2011 and is replaced by a look alike named Greg Brown

proof: as you can see there are many differences in these two photos including the eye shape (which keep in mind eyes never change), the brow shape, nose shape, the mouth shape, and the size of his neck has also changed significantly

why: in 2011 is when dan and phil first started gaining momentum as Youtubers and after phil’s death dan wanted to continue the image and hired a look alike named Greg Brown. of course Greg had to learn to edit and talk and act like AmazingPhil, but Greg was already a fan of Phils and he learned quickly. dan single handedly wrote Tabinof and Greg only had to show up for to film the Making of Tabinof and learn the script to tatinof. Greg lives in his own home with his wife Samantha and now only shows up to film dnpg, his own channel, live shows and show up for youtuber events the AmazingPhil you know and love is actually Greg Brown,, a stunt double. open ur eyes people


csi appreciation week - day 6:
favorite quote(s) 1/? 

I love so many quotes from all these amazing seasons of our show that it’s really hard to choose only one or the few. But this Warrick’s quote is so true that it’s always somewhere in the back of my mind… Because we all know and hear all the time that life is short, that we don’t have much time etc…we always hear about deaths of young people or even kids… but we don’t really believe that life can really be that short as long as something terrible happens close to us. That’s why he really realised that only after he almost lost Nicky even if he’s job was connected with death for so many years…