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New video! 4 YouTubers Share Their Best Adulthood Advice (ft. Rafi Fine, MinutePhysics, & ASAPScience)! 

At VidCon, we were able to snag on-the-spot interviews with a few amazing YouTubers, and we asked them one question: What do you wish you’d known when you became an adult? 

Their answers surprised and inspired us. 

How about y’all? What’s your #1 adulthood life lesson?

Thanks so much to Rafi Fine (TheFineBros), Henry Reich (MinutePhysics), and Greg Brown & Mitchell Moffit (ASAPScience) for participating!

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Watch us get drunk and TRY to explain the science behind alcohol in our latest episode of The LAB, our new series where we experiment with things (and embarass ourselves) so you can learn. 

Hades & Persephone Masterlist

I’m starting a list of Media pertaining to their story; Additions welcome! 

Hadestown: A Folk Opera telling the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Hades and Persephone are sung by Ani Difranco and Greg Brown. 

Receiver of Many: A novel written by Rachel Alexander.  The prologue can be read here. The novel can be purchased here. Follow the Author. I highly recommend. For 18+ readers. 

Hades’ Holiday: A modern comic adaptation of Hades and Persephone. Comic’s blog is here. Artist’s blog is here

The Goddess of Eternal Spring: An animated Disney short from 1934.


NEW VIDEO: What Makes Tattoos Permanent? 


Mitch and his boyfriend singing their “Sience Love Song”

This is so cheesy (but cute?!?!?!) And damn Mitch can sing. Those runs at the end?