greg barrett

Prog Singers and What I Associate Their Voices With
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Jon Anderson:</b> A forest nymph singing songs of old to the world around him<p/><b>Greg Lake:</b> An angel of death, he sounds sweet and elegant but he can wail and scream and many fear that power<p/><b>Peter Gabriel:</b> A Broadway star, with the big stories and big personality he is one to take the stage through his voice and charisma<p/><b>John Wetton:</b> A king, his voice demands power and power it has as well as wisdom and kindness behind the big booming sound<p/><b>Geddy Lee:</b> A Harpy, he screeches and wails but can sing the sweetest songs with the voice of a small song bird<p/><b>Roger Waters:</b> A ghost, he can sound pleasant and kind and can mean no harm but he whines and whimpers<p/><b>David Gilmour:</b> A story teller, he prunounciates words carefully and tells tales through the lyrics with a low but whimsical tone<p/><b>Syd Barrett:</b> A gypsy, he sings and sounds like he's having an adventure that could end up anywhere with his voice<p/></p><p/><b>Annie Haslam:</b> An elven queen, she sings like a woman of power and wisdom and knows her realms<p/></p>