greg and niall horan

I happen to know an astronaut, it’s quite random. I’m obsessed with space. I’m so in love with it. A woman just got back, Peggy Whitson is her name, she’s an American astronaut, and she just got back from spending 655 days , which is the longest anyone has ever spent in space, and she just landed yesterday actually weirdly enough. My friend Shane Kimbrough, who’s just come back from the International Space Center, I’d bring him because he knows what to do. And then I’d bring one of my really good friends from Ireland, he’s a space economist, so he works out the price of how to get to space. He would really enjoy it, because anytime we talk about - anytime we go for a drink, all we end up doing is talking about space. And I reckon I would bring, um, ah - I’d bring you, because you like space. Anyone who likes space, I’m bringing.
—  Niall Horan, P3 Star interview 4.9.17:  going on a space trip, you could never return to Earth, you could bring three people in a space ship, who would you bring?

The feeling that you give me, wanna give it right back 😍💞

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Unreal Lives: Niall Horan

Keep Your Hands Up, So I Can See    

by Anonymous

Harry’s eyes seemed drawn to whatever movement Louis made, so he dipped his quill into the ink harshly, before boldly punctuating his final sentence.

“I know it’s hard for you to not think about me and my broomstick, but you better focus on your schoolwork Styles. Last time I heard, you were flunking Potions.”

Louis hadn’t heard anything, but he was quite certain that Harry hadn’t made it into the Advanced class, even though everyone and their parents knew he wanted to become an Auror – for which he’d need excellent potions skills. He figured it’d do the trick.

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