I was introduced to Over The Garden Wall in 2015 by Jin, and I loved it. It’s become one of my favorite cartoons.

Never did I imagine that years later, I’d be doing a cover for the official comic by BOOM! Studios. It will be released this September. The solicitation may be found here: http://www.cbr.com/boom-studios-september-2017-solicitations/

This time around, my art is going to be on the main cover! And it feels surreal that the creator, Patrick McHale, saw my work. As a fan of the show, I’m very honored to have been given this chance.

I hope you guys like it <3

Okay but...

Can we talk about Blue Pearl watching her Diamond talk to Greg with her hand on her hip?

Like Blue Diamond is all sad and depressed and talking about her dead lover and the cluster and her Pearl’s just standing there like…

“We know, My Diamond. We’ve gone over this already.”

Honestly I love watching the Pearls do these little things it’s great.