A Collection of Poems About My Cat I Just Rediscovered on My Phone

“I’m really frustrated at my cat today so I’m going to channel that into poetry rather than take it out on him because he has the intellect of a tuna sandwich.”

My name is Cat
And wen its day
My humans move
I want to play
But monsters too
With humans greet
I save my fam
Attack the feet

My name is Cat
And wen its day
Or early nite
I sleep, not play
But when humans
Are sleeping sound
I must yowl and
Attack the ground

My name is Cat
I am a dunce
My intellect
Is lacking much
But bookes are good:
This much I kno
Because they make
A grate pillow

My name is Cat
I am forlorn
The humans rite
I am ignored
So attention
Is mine agen
I valiantly
Will eet the pen

(i was lookin at reblogs and someone said that he doesn't lift but grinds so i came up with this thing)

MePhone4: Greeti-

Trophy: What is up brother??👋📱🏆I didn’t come 🏃 ⏪ here👇 to play nice😠 i came here to win 😡💪🥇🎖🏅some money 💰🤑 and a chance to be in the NFL 🏈🏆 like my pa was 😔🙏☠️ R.I.P. You play with dolls??🤔 That would earn you 4️⃣2️⃣0️⃣laps my dude, but coach ain’t here, so you must be blackmailed!!😱😈 What😧😧?? I’m ELIMINATED😱??? Come fight 🥊🤼‍♂️ me Knife 🔪 you cowa-

MePhone4: Just stop.

miyakokurono  asked:

Hey,I was wondering if I could get a HC for Ciel putting his S/O to bed, but she is a bit difficult as ehe doesn't usually go to bed until around 12/1am and don't sleep that long (say 4 hours max,how I survive on this is a mystery to me) so she sometimes stay up reading really late into the night or playing chess. So often in the morning her hair is absolute mess sticking up in weird angles despite being so short, and bags under her eyes. She won't talk to people before she's had her morning tea

Ciel sat up, roused from his sleep. The space beside him was empty, cold, the corner of the duvet not even crumpled. He sighed - you were still awake, despite his (and Sebastian’s) best efforts to coax you into bed.

“Sebastian.” A mere whisper in the dark was answered by a similar quiet rustling of fabric, announcing the demon’s arrival.

“My Lord?” Sebastian knew what Ciel would ask, as he did every night, but still they went through the motions.

“Where’s Y/N?” Ciel sat up, rubbing his eyes. He yearned for sleep but not before you got some shut-eye too.

Sebastian sighed. “In your study, sir. I believe she’s trying to finish a chess match against herself.”

Ciel passed a hand over his face. “What time is it?”

“Three fourteen in the morning, my lord. I shall retrieve her for you. Sit tight.”

Sebastian disappeared and in less than a completed breath he was back, a sleeping Y/N in his arms. Ciel shifted and Sebastian put her in the bed beside Ciel, removing her shoes and socks and loosening any tight clothing to prevent the risk of injury.

Only a handful of hours later, Y/N was awake, her hair looking like she’d been dragged through a bush backwards, bags under her eyes. Ciel didn’t bother greetiing her, whereas Sebastian’s form of a greeting was to simply press a steaming teacup into her hand.

All was well in the Phantomhive manor, the shadows that lay within serene… Or were they?

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Melissa, now we are awake and thinking. We just have one question for you. Are you mentally ill or are you just mean and greety? We do NOT buy this engagement as the one Melissa spent all day talking about. No, she did not say who the lucky one was but didn’t say it was NOT Tony either. We are NOT satisfied. We are NOT done. We are NOT leaving it alone. Cait and Sam, sweeties, really! Do you have a WORST PR or are you still trying to get one??? These two love birds here could have told about this engagement 20 hours ago, but NO, they decided to do so 14 hours later from Melissa’s nice IG! Please! We ARE crazy but we are NOT stupid. You have to come clean. You are good people. Why not???? That’s all. #PayMyTherapy


request : How about meeting jack j in a m&g and falling in love type of thing

moodboard : Jack Johnson’s falling in love with you after meeting you during a meet and greet

  • I don’t know if it looks like what you wanted but i didn’t actually really know what to do so here it is and tell me what you think of it!

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