(i was lookin at reblogs and someone said that he doesn't lift but grinds so i came up with this thing)

MePhone4: Greeti-

Trophy: What is up brother??👋📱🏆I didn’t come 🏃 ⏪ here👇 to play nice😠 i came here to win 😡💪🥇🎖🏅some money 💰🤑 and a chance to be in the NFL 🏈🏆 like my pa was 😔🙏☠️ R.I.P. You play with dolls??🤔 That would earn you 4️⃣2️⃣0️⃣laps my dude, but coach ain’t here, so you must be blackmailed!!😱😈 What😧😧?? I’m ELIMINATED😱??? Come fight 🥊🤼‍♂️ me Knife 🔪 you cowa-

MePhone4: Just stop.

2hiit you know what iim catchiing up on greeter2 ii dont giive a fuck.

and iim taggiing all of you even iif iive talked two before 2o fuckiing deal wiith iit.

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ye2 after all thii2 tiime iit2 niice two fiinally be acknowledged by me, ii know. iim 2ollux captor, ii go by ca2e iid thank you two u2e iit greetiing greetiing yadda yadda thii2 ii2 the bootfull of hoofbea2t2hiit ii call my blog/2ociial liife. welcome.