(i was lookin at reblogs and someone said that he doesn't lift but grinds so i came up with this thing)

MePhone4: Greeti-

Trophy: What is up brother??👋📱🏆I didn’t come 🏃 ⏪ here👇 to play nice😠 i came here to win 😡💪🥇🎖🏅some money 💰🤑 and a chance to be in the NFL 🏈🏆 like my pa was 😔🙏☠️ R.I.P. You play with dolls??🤔 That would earn you 4️⃣2️⃣0️⃣laps my dude, but coach ain’t here, so you must be blackmailed!!😱😈 What😧😧?? I’m ELIMINATED😱??? Come fight 🥊🤼‍♂️ me Knife 🔪 you cowa-

MePhone4: Just stop.

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When i tell my lesbian friends im bisexual they tell me no lesbian would date a bisexual because their greety and being bisexual is not a thing. Is there any advice you can give to help me cope with their words?

sounds like you need new friends to be honest. any lesbian who wouldn’t date you because of your bisexuality isn’t good enough for you anyway. your attraction to more than one gender doesn’t make you greedy and bisexuality is most definitely a thing. your friends are biphobic and what they have to say about your sexuality is false and meaningless. i hope you find people who love and support you, anon
Video of Solstice ridden by Lynn Greetis from ShowNet!
Solstice ridden by Lynn Greetis at Showplace Spring Spectacular II. This round is from class 124, $250 Amateur-Owner Hunter 3'3 O/F,, and finished 1 of 11.

To any cuck who thinks either that thoroughbreds are gone on the A’s or can’t hold their own:

This is Soul, my old race horse that I had on the track then started U/S and sold to a friend now winning at HITS. Full TB and winner on the track. And fancy as fuck. I’m really proud.

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“Eni-Meni-Gypsaleni- Oh-Bop-Bop-Seleni-Aichi-Caichi-Liver-Aichi-I-Love-You! Take a Peach, take a plum, take a piece of bubblegum. No peach, no plum, no piece of bubblegum. Saw you with your boyfriend last night, how do you know? Peaking through the peep whole - Noisy! Ate a box of candy - Greety! Didn’t do the dishes - Lazy! Jumped out the Window - Crazy! So, Eni-Meni-Gypsaleni- Oh-Bop-Bop-Seleni-Aichi-Caichi-Liver-Aichi-I-Love-You” Sakura had thought of this randomly this morning, and couldn’t get it out of her head, nor stop repeating it as she walked around town.

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Alien: "So you're telling me you can, and I quote 'Summon a being of ultimate power', with this frozen dairy product? Pines, have you gone crazy?" Pines Descendant continues drawing circle: "Yep" Alien:"Oh well I'm curious at least, although is the, sweater you called it, really necessary." Pines: "It's tradition, he also accepts Sweet Confections." Alien: "You humans are so very weird, wait what are you doing?" Pines Chanting. Followed by summoning show. Alcor: "Greeti... oh Heya niblet."

happy new years, everyone! to ring in 2015 i’ve created a yogscast/hatfilms themed follow forever list of my fav blogs that i loved having on my dash this december! this blog will now be inactive from hence forth, but you can still follow me at my main blog yagscast ♥ bold are friends/ultimate favs


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