[trans] Taemin - Goodbye (Sayonara Hitori Korean Ver.) Lyrics

※ Please do not re-translate into another language

I’m especially not very confident when translating lyrics. I just hope you get the gist of it T_T

If I could walk together with
only you always in my arms.
There’s a future we need to go 
in front of my eyes looking at you,
inside your eyes looking at me

Waving a big goodbye to our days 
that’s drifting away with its back turned
I walk forlornly in front of my eyes 
that turned dark like a candle that stopped burning

Just like how falling flower petals greet
I’m smiling with lonely tears
Goodbye, flower that bloomed brightly in this world 
so that my love isn’t sad all alone

I know that you’ll be waiting for me in distance
thinking that I will come to get you
Wherever you and I of tomorrow are,
cold times will probably pass

Rather than staying around in fear 
of the end that will come someday
Would the present of dreaming a dream 
where we embrace each other be happier?

Just like how fluttering flower petals greet
I’m smiling in loneliness
Goodbye, even though my love is sad alone
I can never reach you

Goodbye, just like how I embrace you
my love blooms brilliantly in this heart
Goodbye, flower that shines brightest in this world 
so that my love isn’t sad all alone

Goodbye now forever
I don’t wanna say Goodbye
Goodbye Goodbye

Always On Time: A Niall Horan Mini Series

Prologue: Meet & Greet

I had just experienced the best night of my life, and it was about to get even better. I couldn’t believe I had gotten to witness Niall Horan’s first ever solo concert, let alone be in the front row and have a backstage pass to meet him. Niall had just got done performing, and my best friend and I were all screamed out, sweaty and exhausted from jumping around all night. Not exhausted enough to go home though, that was for sure. I knew it would only be mere minutes before I would meet the cutest boy on earth, and I was starting to freak out. I placed my hands on my best friend’s shoulders and rocked her back and forth, uttering some type of gibberish about how fucking nervous and excited I was.

“Calm down!” Audrey laughed at my failure to keep my composure. “You don’t want him thinking you’re a complete freak!”

“But I am a complete freak!” I squeaked.

 “Yeah, but you don’t want him knowing that.” Audrey smugly looked at me through her long lashes. “Seriously, Carmen, you’re worse than a teenager!”

“Shut up!” I swatted at her shoulder. “Let’s go meet my boyfriend.”

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