Greetsiel is a small port on the bight of Leybucht in Ostfriesland (East Frisia), Niedersachsen, Northern Germany. It was first mentioned in letters from the year 1388. The nearest railway station is at Emden, about 15 km away. Although originally just a small but picturesque fishing village, Greetsiel has become a tourist attraction. Population is just around 1,500, but the number increases or even doubles in summer and around Christmas time as visitors stay in hotels, holiday homes, or bed & breakfasts.



Here are a few shots of Greetsiel, which belongs to the municipal corporation of Krummhörn in the administrative district of Aurich in Lower Saxony. It has a very neat tea vendor, a great ice cream shop and almost the best fish You can get in a restaurant. On Your way to Greetsiel You’d better watch out for the sheeps poop though, or You have to clean Your bike on the way back…