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To see Jim Moriarty again was the last thing Irene expected for the day, or truly any day in general.

Her toned form was stretched out on a chair beside the pool which was on the property of the home she was renting. There’d been no sense in buying; she’d be moving on to somewhere else within a few days. Especially with new information she had. Her defeat, while a blow, had not stopped her from her from using her skills for her own benefit, using and/or storing the information she gathered about people.

But when a shadow fell over her, her eyes opened beneath the sunglasses and she sat up, lowering them to look over at none other than Moriarty.

   “You know, it’s rather rude to show up without any notice.”

No panic in her voice, and she pulled off her sun glasses and set them aside.

   “Long time, Moriarty. Is there something you need or want? Or just saying hello?”