greetings from tim buckley

Suddenly, before the last chorus, a string broke on his acoustic guitar, and Jeff sang the lines, ‘Sometimes, I wonder for a while/Do you ever remember me?’ unaccompanied. If that weren’t dramatic enough, his voice spiralled up on the last word –'me’– like a thin plume of smoke, holding on for a moment before drifting up to the ceiling. He took a quick bow, said 'thanks,’ and trotted offstage, and the concert ended. It would not have been a more perfect finale if he had planned it.

Backstage, he cried and accepted sundry congratulations and compliments, as well as a few business cards passed to him. He couldn’t believe he’d been allowed to sing so many songs, and was overwhelmed.

—  David Browne about Jeff Buckley’s performing “Once I was” at the annual musical benefit evening in the halls of  St. Ann’s Cathedral, Greetings from Tim Buckley, in honor of his father (April 26, 1991).

What sort of energy were you channeling with this role?
I think when any actor is doing their best job, it’s not intellectual – it’s intuitive. And for those brief moments where I was really, really tapped into Jeff, I wasn’t thinking. I was sort of feeling his vibe, and I think maybe if anything, those vibes were, in some ways, feminine. Not in the typical way that people mean it, but he had this sort of feline, feral, feminine energy that I think was really honest and kind of magical. And in some ways, that allowed him to be more of a man than a lot of people are.

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